Raw chicken !! Really??? At least the manager did compensate with another drumlet and wing, which thank god are cooked through, but not as juicy as many other Korean chicken out there. In fact the udon I had was only flavoured with kelp and lacked depth which is unlike typical Korean food. Even my friend's JaJiang rice is too salty and lack spice and depth of flavours. Sorry but for the price of $44+, it's overpriced and underwhelmed in quality and taste.

Opening at an expensive shopping mall such as JEM, should justify with quality too! Hope they will improve and give Korean food a good name again!

Yes!! My dessert salvation after a bad dinner experience!! Good old soyabean pudding with condiments of corn, red bean, peanuts, fried dough bits! Super YUM and not too filling!

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Kuidaore (ι£Ÿγ„ε€’γ‚Œ) is a Japanese word meaning roughly β€œto ruin oneself by extravagance in food.” This indeed is it!

So yummy and so much I had to share 20% with my friend who is not eating but only a drink! Haha... Sorry I cheated...

Imagine the whole dish is as large as the girth of my body!! Should have ordered a little more spicy, I had the normal level 2 out of 5. Highly recommended if you want Japanese curry at Vivocity, forget the rest! This is comfort social food at its most scrumptious!!

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Pure sous-vide egg bliss! Can you make egg any better than this truffle tasting goodness? Perfect appetizer before my main brunch @ #freetherobot cafe/bistro. #burpple

Totally perfect burger @ #freetherobot cafe/bistro! Awesome hearty brunch! I'm so satisfied! Thanks chef! #burpple

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Mission accomplished! Freed the robots at #freetherobot cafe/bistro with wonderfully tasty & rustic brunch! Made my day! #burpple

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