☕️☕️☕️Will come back again

Until I try another place with as good 烤肉串, this shall remain the most authentic one. Think crowded, bustling place with a good list of meats, veg, Chinese beer and Baijiu. Brought back fond memories of my days in Beijing. All dishes are good.

Not your usual latte or cappuccino, more inclined to the usual though good enough for a caffeine fix, quite strong in fact. Good ambience, was a quiet, wish they open earlier in the morning.

Great for the price, high quality and nice environment for good conversations with friends or for some me time!

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Glad that I was able to have this açai bowl ($14) at ECP, besides the Macs, Coffeebean and Briyani options. Was well made though portion was not large.

Fully enjoyed the experience at Sushiro, fun, casual, quality Japanese sushi and ramen.

This crayfish laksa pasta was a creative and delicious fusion of local flavour and seafood pasta.


🦑🦑🦑 Recommend this calamari dish if you enjoy it, as batter is not too thick, nicely fried, and tasty squid.