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Fig Cream Cheese Sourdough Ciabatta Amazing combination of sourdough, fig and cream cheese. Am glad i took this even though i am not the kind who would usually pick cream cheese bread!! 😛
scrambled eggs Everyone was telling me to go to this small breakfast/lunch spot as it is known for its amazing food. I went there for breakfast and it certainly didn't disappoint. It was pretty busy and after I ordered it was hard to find a table (but luckily one opened up!). Due to the corona virus some places were blocked for people to sit on, they also changed their utensils and plates to throw away ones as it would be more hygienic. They did choose utensils that were sourced sustainably which I thought was nice as they did not forget about the environment. The service was good and the food was just amazing. Would recommend the pink lemonade for a nice refresher. I am excited to go back!
Grilled Cheese Microbakery is a great place for breakfast or lunch. You need to order at the counter, the coffees and food will be brought to your table. We ordered the cheese melt and scrambled eggs. Both were very good. They make their own bread, and it is great. I loved the cheese melt. Lots of cheese and qaulity bread. We can also recommend the pink lemongrass lemonade. Although I think they should serve in a larger cup. Friendly service and a real relaxed atmosphere. We can highly recommend. Usually busy, line starts forming before opening at 8:30am, but service is quick.
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🎶Now I'm feeling so FRY like a G6~🎶 Celebrating FRYyay with these awesome FRIES from @potatocornersg! 🍟🍟🍟 . With so many variations such as shoestring fries, hash brown, tater tots & loopy fries, in a myriad of flavours like BBQ, Chilli BBQ 🌶, Cheese 🧀 & Sour Cream, you are bound to find something you like! 😉 There's also seasonal flavours like Creamy Truffle, Ranch O' Cheddar & Sweet Corn 🌽! . Spoilt for choice but I eventually settled for a Jumbo Sour Cream & Onion ($4.30)! 💕 Every strand was well-coated with the flavourful seasoning, making it an irresistible treat! 🤤🤤🤤 Reminded me very much of Pringles which I adore, with an added bonus of it being in the form of piping hot fries! 🍟 . I call this.. self-indulgence! 😋 . Out of the other flavours, only Truffle left an impression, the rest were meh to me 😔 Hope that helps you to make a decision! 👌🏻
Creamy Truffle Fries! Mega Fries ($5.70) - Was recommended by a friend to try Potato Corner and my choice of flavours were Creamy Truffles & Cheese. I love them, especially piping hot truffle one! Outlet I tried was @ Jcube Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5
Giga Fries Picked 3 flavours for this giant bowl - Creamy Truffle, Sour Cream Onion and their new flavour, Cheddar O’ Ranch. Sour cream onion is quite to my liking and surprisingly the flavour from cheddar ranch was not just nice and not too cheesy. However, the fries was not well mixed the day as most of the flavour tasted quite mild and bland.
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