🎶Now I'm feeling so FRY like a G6~🎶 Celebrating FRYyay with these awesome FRIES from @potatocornersg! 🍟🍟🍟 . With so many variations such as shoestring fries, hash brown, tater tots & loopy fries, in a myriad of flavours like BBQ, Chilli BBQ 🌶, Cheese 🧀 & Sour Cream, you are bound to find something you like! 😉 There's also seasonal flavours like Creamy Truffle, Ranch O' Cheddar & Sweet Corn 🌽! . Spoilt for choice but I eventually settled for a Jumbo Sour Cream & Onion ($4.30)! 💕 Every strand was well-coated with the flavourful seasoning, making it an irresistible treat! 🤤🤤🤤 Reminded me very much of Pringles which I adore, with an added bonus of it being in the form of piping hot fries! 🍟 . I call this.. self-indulgence! 😋 . Out of the other flavours, only Truffle left an impression, the rest were meh to me 😔 Hope that helps you to make a decision! 👌🏻
Creamy Truffle Fries! Mega Fries ($5.70) - Was recommended by a friend to try Potato Corner and my choice of flavours were Creamy Truffles & Cheese. I love them, especially piping hot truffle one! Outlet I tried was @ Jcube Rating: 🌟🌟🌟/5
Giga Fries Picked 3 flavours for this giant bowl - Creamy Truffle, Sour Cream Onion and their new flavour, Cheddar O’ Ranch. Sour cream onion is quite to my liking and surprisingly the flavour from cheddar ranch was not just nice and not too cheesy. However, the fries was not well mixed the day as most of the flavour tasted quite mild and bland.
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Hot 100 2019
Philly Cheesesteak & Warthog Back again at TMBH, this time their Novena outlet. Found out they were having a weekend special of Philly Cheesesteak hence I knew I had to head down just for it! I mean how many places do you know in Singapore that does Philly Cheesesteak and pretty good bagels (had their lamb & Steak n Eggs from the Tanjong Pagar outlet awhile back and they were 👌) So I headed down on a Sunday morning, extra early at 10am so I wouldn’t miss the bagels. Already had a queue (expected) and saw some changes to their menu. I decided to get myself the special ($14) with the all sorts bagel as well as a Warthog ($14) with additional cheddar (+$1) with a garlic bagel. I felt like my overall experience this time was greatly affected by the fact that I ate the bagels an hour later as I had them to go hence they weren’t as fresh and hot. So i shall be slightly less stringent with my reviews. That being said, it was overall pretty disappointing 😞 The cheesesteak’s visual was pretty meh (due to leaving it for an hour) so I wouldn’t really blame them as it is supposed to look like the picture tagged or so it seems (cr. TMBH IG) But the taste did not make up for the visual and the price tag I believe. It was nothing special and tasted more like black pepper beef that was just dry ... Maybe gotta add in other stuff together to make it better? The all sorts bagel that I got with it was pretty good though. Moving on to the Warthog which is smoked pork belly with cucumbers, onions, coriander and Char Siew sauce. This was the more flavourful one and also too oily I have to say. The taste was not bad but felt that the Char Siew sauce did not really come through and felt the need to have an acidic component to cut through the oiliness. Gotta say the garlic bagel paired with it had the garlic seeds too burnt that it was quite bitter. Honestly this time round, I’m not impressed but I am hopeful as this place always keeps their menus changing to bring something new and unique to the table, plus they provide excellent service 💯 I’ll be back but just not anytime soon and definitely would not make my way to wake up early on a Sunday just to get their bagels. But if I am craving for some, then yes I’ll be back 😌
Hot Mess ($10) A hearty, satisfying bagel for lunch! The components came together well and was very filling. Will be back to try other menu items :)
aggs & xi
Toasty jam-packed bagels Crafted my very own special combination: an ‘all sorts’ bagel stuffed with avocado, sunny side up, salmon and smoked chicken! A meal packed full of protein and it definitely fills you to the brim! The chicken was very well spiced and was the main flavour that cut through😋 certainly a messy meal with chicken juices and egg running everywhere!
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