Fish noodles for everyone.

There’s a selection of fresh fish, fried fish, garoupa (with bones) or fish fillet, fish paste or sliced meat and meat balls for non-fish lovers. I’ve been a yee meen person but there are options for meehoon, vermicelli, etc. The broth is flavour-packed with fish bones, evaporated milk, sour vegetables and a dash of Chinese wine.

Glad that they’re open at 7.30am so I can always get a quick fix before work!

Generous on the spice and fishcakes! They also serve ginseng chicken which is rare around this area

Alley’s signature drink with Deerioca pearls, made from scratch for greater aroma and texture. Unfortunately there’s no sugar and ice adjustment for this drink

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Prompt service and opens till 1am-ish. Yes, still young and energetic to stay past midnight looking at photos 10 years ago 😏

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If you’re a coconut fan don’t skip the charcoal coconut, feels like you’re taking in mouthfuls of coconut milk. Matcha tiramisu can be improved, the matcha bits lacked flavour and tiramisu was just overly sweet

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Must order at Chinese restaurants and definitely did not disappoint. Tender chicken served cold (not many places serve it cold) drenched in the signature mala sauce. For those with low spicy tolerance please prep your drinks!

My comfort food and I prefer the texture of thin noodles. Love it when you can adjust the spicness level to your desire. Suitable to come with children as they’ve a variety of Pan Mees.

Just look at those cockles, nuff said. Set lunch served with a slice of fruit and herbal tea. Affordable and very prompt service, great for a quick lunch