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Had the Yuzu Salmon Bowl(comes with side salad) and it was really wholesome and delicious! The salmon was tender and moist, though couldn't really taste the Yuzu(maybe that's why they provide the lemon) and the grilled zuchini was soft and really added depth to the flavour. I felt that each bowl was thoughtfully handcrafted, knowing what elements contrast and play together. The portion was very worth the $12.9₩!

If you like your food garlicky, this one's for you. The moment this plate was served, the aroma of the fried garlic filled the air. Mmmm tempting and appetising. Yummy tummy. Batter wasn't as crunchy as we had expected though, but still good. Just don't plan on kissing anyone after this meal 😝

Featuring The Full Works, Ball O' Fire, Truffle Fries, Homemade Iced Lemon Tea and Rooibos Raspberry Vanilla Tea.
I had The Full Works and found the Scrambled Eggs too liquid-like and personally I don't fancy that. But the Rooibos Raspberry Vanilla Tea is yums!

This new addition to Everton Park's impressive list of great cafes and bakeries boasts intruiging ice cream flavours like lychee rose, red velvet, honey rosemary, pineapple malibu and miso gula melaka. Flavours change periodically, so prepare to be surprised! Also expect the texture to feel less creamy and more slushy-like. Get your scoops on their crispy, airy waffles if you desire - they're reminiscent of an old-school biscuit to some.

Former Campus Superstar participant Renfred Ng is the man behind this cool new ice cream parlour situated in Tanglin Halt. Specialising in homemade ice cream that boast signature flavours like the beautifully creamy Sicilian Pistachio, The Milky Way is off to a good start. Order some half and half waffles to go with your ice cream, and complete your experience with a cuppa brewed by Renfred himself. He may be young; but he sure is talented!