Toasty crunchy warm baos wrapped around salted egg chicken! Flavour was just right and it was fun to see their large variety of baos..

Will def return to try their rice bowls!

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Crunchy pork neck with Thai dipping sauce!
Never fails to amaze me with the smoky bbq taste and it’s fresh crunchy texture. Goes Super well with the aromatic jasmine rice and fragrant Thai milk tea to make your stomach growling for more!

Although cheaper than most shops in town, this restaurant always delivers the most authentic and flavourful Thai food.
Don’t forget the other version of pork neck with lime Chili and toasted rice too :)

Contemplated whether to keep this a secret since I love it so much but is afraid of the queue getting any longer.

Found out about this when I was on a traditional Lor Mee hunt. First, the Lor was very strong and the garlic and coriander enhanced the taste and made it perfect. The highlight was the ngoh hiong that was fried and soaked up all the Lor. The strong contrast between the crunchie fried dough and the silky Lor made the noodle even more memorable.

Simply had to post this as the fish and chips are just too tasty!

Dishes tried: special cod fish with lemonade promo and salted egg calamari

The chips!!!!
The chips were so tasty and I would even suggest calling the dish, chips and fish instead! The chips were more like crisps, which was so light and perfectly skillfuly fried. Although 5 different sauces including salted egg, cheese and mayo was offered, the best was still tomato ketchup!

The cod dish was fresh and had a good bite. The cod fish was in the limelight as the batter was thin and complemented the fish perfectly.

Salted egg calamari was OK on a whole. The bonito cheese flakes added a oomph and Smokey taste. It also added some bulk to the food Portion as it was as very small.

Go for a walk by the riverside after dinner. Enjoy the view and cold breeze with ur loved ones! :)

Yoshinoya rice bowl has been updated!

1. To make the vegetable rice bowl more attractive, the selection of the vegetable has been changed to sweet pumpkin and lotus roots. Definitely an upgrade from previous broccoli, cauliflower and carrots.

2. Deserts
There is now cakes to be chosen as part of the meal and Ala Carte. This place has potential to be a place for dessert or tea time

3. Selection of drinks
Wider selection of Japanese tea beyond your usual green tea

4. Fancy decoration and interior
This would be the main reason for me to come here besides the comforting beef bowl. The place has now transformed into a cozy and warm place and is not totally different from the usual fast food setting.

Coupled with the friendly and approachable staff ready to introduce the new dishes and concept, the place was very attractive to dine in.

Cheesy, crispy nacho with tangy tomato salsa and smoky tender chicken
Paired with lemon slushy.. totally refreshing!
Must try!


Warm beef pho that comforts us on a cold rainy day.
Beef slices were cooked to perfection and kept soft
Tried their iced Vietnam coffee too. Refreshing and a good pick me up.

Some suggestions would be to be stronger in taste and less oil for the soup

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Poke Doke was a surprised and unintended find as I carried out a quick search to find poke bowls.

Hidden at Millenia Walk, the shop was unassuming and cheerfully decorated with a beach theme. The feature wall decorated with paper leaves, tables with seashells and sand encased, high chairs and tables, and the mascot greets you as you soak in the beach vibes right smack in the middle of down town.

$14.90 for two poke flavour was a luxury for people who love to taste everything and can't make up our minds.
Peppered with cherry tomatoes, edamame, seaweed, lined by lettuce and then topped with seasoned salmon and tuna, the bowl was filled to the brim with goodness. The salmon was well seasoned, fresh and firm in its texture. The tuna enhanced the dining experience alongside by contrasting well with the strong taste of the salmon.

Value for money
My companion was completely delighted with the good food quality and the value for money. He repeatedly squealed with excitement and complimented the bowls for bringing the joy and refreshment that the posters in the shop promised.

The place's layout, decoration, quality and pricing of food definitely attract me to come back again. At this time, I wish that no one could find out about this place so that I can come back to satisfy my poke cravings without queuing for a Long time.


Glad that I finally made it to the beautiful space called Birds of a feather! I like everything here- food, ambience and service! Special shout out to Vincent of @birdsofafeather for the great service!
Featured: GWC Brownie Dessert (S$15++)
Swipe to see more! 👉
This is a lightly sweetened coffee and macademia nut brownie made from GWC (Goodwood Coffee). It is served with vanilla chantilly, coffee "soil", candy "clouds" and espresso by the side. I like that you can adjust the sweetness of the dessert by the amount of espresso you pour in! Generally a bittersweet dessert suitable for those who dislike sweet desserts.
Where to find this?
Birds of a feather
115 Amoy Street L1-01, S069935

Mon: 11am to 10pm
Tue/Wed: 10am to 11pm
Thu-Sat: 11am to 12mn
Sun: 10am to 10pm

Reminds me of the fish & chips during road trips along Great Ocean road in little towns.
Simply a large slab of fish with thick fries, fried to golden brown.
Soak them in malt vinegar for a refreshing tangy taste and send electric down your tongue and spine!
No fishy taste, only a crunchy coat of batter with comforting fries after a Long and hungry day at work.
The batter is really good

Most importantly, it's definitely value for money!!
Fish&Chips set with soda and soup of the day for about $15 only!


Chilled salmon soba was refreshing with tangy sauce, edamame, cherry tomato and mushrooms. The sour flavour was delightful and increased appetite in the hot weather.

Iced latte was robust, strong and aromatic. Definitely a pick me up after dinner.

Setting was modern, clean geometric shapes and industrial styled tables and floor and feature wall made the place feel like home in this friendly Neighbourhood shop.

Areas for improvement
1. Estimating portions- grain bowl was out at dinner time
2. Sugar syrup for iced latte- I was offered fine sugar for iced latte, which obviously cannot dissolve. When asked if it would work, I was given a puzzled look.
3. cooking time aglio olio- soba was out way earlier and 20 minutes was spent cooking the aglio olio. By the arrival of the food, I have finished eating my dinner and my poor partner had to watch me eat in hunger
4. SMOKE- was a major major concern that could stop me from going back. The kitchen's smoke was stinging our eyes. It also made our clothes and hair really smelly at the end of the meal. This could be uncomfortable to some who are going out after eating in.

With all these said, I would come back again if the smoke problem is solved.


New ice cream shop at Keat Hong.
Tried taro yam and coconut, Thai milk tea and salted caramel ice cream on red velvet ice cream.
Will definitely be back due to its location and outstanding taste of taro Yam and coconut ice cream.

You can even order out of the shop to eat alfresco with the famous zi char store right beside it