Definitely one of the best steakhouses I've ever been to! The steak was so tender and flavourful, the beef tartare was seasoned to perfection and the dessert had just the right amount of flavour. The service was exceptional and the ambience was very cozy. A must-go if you're planning to take someone out on a special occasion!

i ordered the brown sugar yogurt drink and the mango yogurt drink. it's my first time trying yogurt drinks and i must say, im a big fan! the mango yogurt was exceptional and all the drinks tasted really creamy but in a healthy way! i'll definitely come back and try the other fruit yogurts!

the portions were so generous! the broth was so flavourful- not too bland but still light enough to be able to taste the natural seafood flavour. such an amazing meal for it's value. 10/10 recommend

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it's my first time trying this type of prawn noodles. totally love the broth as it's super tasty and prawn-y! the prawns included were also very big. all of that at such a cheap price! 10/10 recommend :) the ngoh hiang was amazing as well! portions were generous.

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the portions were really generous! my favourite was the honey butter chicken. would definitely recommend to children or if you cant take spice like me. will come back next time!

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i love the generous portions! the rice top up (which is free) and the amount of mentaiko in our fries where overflowing! i would recommend their food :)

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the ambience was amazing and the staff were all really friendly! the food, especially the sukiyaki beef and the grilled squid were exceptional. would definitely recommend coming down to dine with them!

my first russian food experience was amazing! i loved the dumplings so much, especially the beef and chicken fusion! the cheese puffs were also amazing!

the experience was 10/10! i absolutely loved the ambience, the service and the food- especially the sushi. if you come down, i would recommend their yellowtail nigiri and bluefin tuna nigiri. definitely the best sushi ive eaten!

i really love the ambience of the place! the food was amazing too. i ordered their signature crispy skin salmon with cajun rice and mashed potatoes. i think their mashed potatoes were amazing and the salmon was very juicy and tender! i also had their truffle fries and brownie with ice cream. the truffle tastes in the fries is not that prominent so if youre looking for a milder truffle taste, i would recommend their fries! all in all, it was a great experience! would come again in the future :)

i had the miso salmon, my friend got the wagyu cheeseburger and we ordered truffle fries as well. the miso salmon was so good, the sauce complemented both the salmon and mashed potatoes so well! looks are deceiving as it seems like it isn't going to make you full but it is actually very filling! the portion of salmon was also very generous. would 10/10 visit again