The simple Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio is soul food with just the right balance of garlic and Chili; al dente pasta and copious amounts of bacon bites to add to the umami. This has become a staple for me here, so much so that I haven’t ventured beyond this first item on the pasta menu.


Pick up your seafood and drinks from the shelves or the vendors, pay up and eat. If you like a better ambiance, there are 2 cafe/restaurants on site but we were just happy to stand around and savour the freshness.

Well seasoned, the crispiness gives way to the moist and tender meat of the legs as one washes it down with a Mary Meets Wasabi (Layla’s take on the Mary Mary) or a Whisky Sour.

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24 hour braised beef Ragu and parmigiana. Love the texture of the tagliatelle and cooked to al dente. Simple but wonderful.

He had them as a special and we couldn’t resist.
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In Karuizawa, eat Soba. Away from the more famous establishments, we went to SASA which is owned by @korochan25 father; it’s also where the first batch of #terracehouseopeningnewdoors members came for soba.
I had the seasonal soba with local karuizawa mushrooms; a delightful tempura set of Karuizawa vegetables and an awesome tamago, so fluffy! Photos of the place include the table where the members usually sat, the corner where the Father would hold court with the casts and that delightful kitchen where the beautiful meals were prepared. Wanted a picture with the Father but was too shy.

The wine bar serves up all things nihonshu from karuizawa and is used as a platform (pun intended) for local wine and alcohol produce. You will also find Yo Ho Brewing’s seasonal beers on tap here.
As part of visiting some of the #terracehouseopeningnewdoors locations, this one stuck in my mind, not because of the nihonshu but the comfortable atmosphere it had that even the ever tense and serious Taka could get comfortable in while he had drinks with Seina.

@misschinatownsg mural wall is reminiscent of scenes in the 60s where the bold neons lit up the streets as if it was daytime. The new kid on top of the block is looking like it will rejuvenate that roof top space once more.

@birdysallday Barramundi has it down pat when it comes to something for everyone. Seasoned well and done to a crisp, the skin is a foodie’s wet dream. Going past the slight crackling on the outside, you hit the moist, succulent inside that melts in your mouth. This awesome fish is locally sourced from @ahhuakelong . For a foodie that does not like fish, I could have this all the time.

No visit to Copenhagen is complete without a visit to @warpigs_brewpub_cph ; a collaboration with @mikkellerbeer and @warpigsbrewing . Reminiscent of a meat packing district, the space consist of a microbrewery and a pub. While brews on tap and beer memorabilia are awesome, the food coming out of that kitchen grill is “awesome-ner” . Don’t leave without trying it.

The Thai version of the pork rib soup with lemongrass, tomatoes, carrots and corn. Cleanses the soul before the ascend to the Big Buddha. This joint is located just before the ATV tour start point and offers a magnificent view of Phuket; but we didn’t come here for the view. 😬

Intense coconut flavours with the right dosage of lemongrass and Chinese herbs to accompany the earthy fresh vegetables and chicken; creamy with a hint of tangy-ness. Thai cuisine is not always about street food; some of Phuket’s most amazing food is not on the street but well-presented in quaint shophouses around Old Phuket Town. Dibuk Restaurant (not to be mistaken for Dibuk House or Dibuka) has been serving up Thai and French food for the longest time.

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