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Featuring Fat Cow, Kko Kko Na Ra (Tanjong Pagar), Free The Robot Coffee, The Coconut Club, Red Star Restaurant, Meatsmith (Telok Ayer), KUVO, Loo's Hainanese Curry Rice, Beauty in The Pot (The Centrepoint), Kim Keat Palm Market & Food Centre
Traveling Noodle
Traveling Noodle
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None of that overpowering pepper spice and instead a nice bland of the meat’s sweetness with a hint of the pepper to bring up the heat in the broth. With a @thedalmore 15-year Single Malt, a wonderful combination (for me that is). Orient Palace is the new multi-concept lifestyle space that has taken over the space where the Hive used to be at [email protected] and the 2nd floor which they transformed into an opulently furnished spa and wellness centre.

The Maguro Ootoro foie gras spoon sushi is a combination of the prized ootoro on a bed of well-seasoned sushi rice with a seared rich foie gras on top and finished with a hint of truffle sauce. For $2, it is a wonderful combination of complementary textures and balanced flavours. Available until end-Jan 2018 but you never know.

Possibly one of the best Bak Chor Mee (BCM) in Singapore. Springy noodles, fresh ingredients, balanced sauce and a glorious chilli. All that and tossed thoroughly with the egg and you get an absolute stunner of a traditional dish. I longed for a BCM that isn’t too moist or too dry (or way too much vinegar); this was awesome. I don’t need a michelin star queue, just need them to do this on the weekends as well. I added char siew because I had a craving.

The Chirashi-don at the Bistro has a lot of heart; and is possibly the most reasonable one ($15) on the entire strip. Awesome Maximus.

This €20 goodness fed us throughout our stay in Santorini. The platter consist of highlights in their menu and meant for 2; more like for 4-5. But we were not struggling alone, everyone who had it were struggling 😂.

It had me at Pastrami but the cheese wrap blew it out of the water. The savouriness of the pastrami and cheese is balanced by the fresh, crisp capsicum and herbs inside. The crackle of the skin when you slice it open gives it that delightful glee akin to ripping apart your Christmas wrapping. I wish I could say more of it but it went down the tummy so quickly, I didn’t have time to register; it was that good. 😋

Peering through the lens, I’ll be bringing you behind the scenes action at @thesawemporium as they get ready for their opening tomorrow (10 Nov). Visit @thesawemporium and catch a glimpse of how they transform Penang’s oldest saw mill into the hippest spot in town.

A trip to @kizuki_lim for a haircut resulted in this yummy grilled angus steak post-haircut treat. Wonderfully smooth marbling and done medium rare, I was amazed that it came with an appetizer and dessert! At $18 for a 3-course, it’s a steal 🙂

His energy and creativity is blended in each dish he makes; so that tempura don like everything teppei molds, was exquisite. He will be at Swallow at @thesawemporium on 10 Nov for the inaugural @teppeisyokudo in Malaysia; appropriate that it is in Penang, the official/unofficial food capital of Malaysia.

If you think this tempura don is delectable, wait till you see the rest of the menu. I understand that @yamashita.teppei will be cooking up the storm at Penang’s oldest saw mill on 10 Nov. #dontsaybojio

That slight (just slight) crisp on the outside and that ohhhhhh... moist inside in that really lovely batter... just the way I remembered it since Kampong Bahru. 😋. Thank you @deafkneego for resurrecting my love for waffles. With waffles done this good, who needs the peripherals 🙌. #tastebetterthanitlooks

The Penang Road chendol stall next to Joo Hooi has been feeding peeps for generations. What's the secret to their success? Besides being strategically located, their chendol used to be the cheapest around (read cheapest) and wasn't as sweet as the others. Nothing quite like having the Joo Hooi oyster omelette with a couple of bowls of these.