Really has the yuzu taste! And well marinated chicken πŸ“

🍦 lavender white chocolate
🍦cookies and cream
And cruchy waffles!!

Pretty strong lavender taste and decent cookies and cream!
Totalled to $12.50 (for 2)

Really nice pasta!!
We got
🍝 Truffle Cream
🍝 Prawn Olio Olio (pic)
And side dishes!
🍴Mushroom and black truffle on bread
🍴Spicy pork belly

Definitely will come again for the pasta!!

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The set (mains + drink + cake) totalled to ~$30
πŸ₯£ Gyudon
πŸ₯£ Chicken Pasta
πŸ₯€ Babycino
πŸ₯€ Hot milk
🍰 Nutella Crepe cake
🍰 Earl Grey Crepe cake

Pretty good deal!!

The 1 for 1 really makes it worth! Definitely wouldnt have gotten the drink with its original price ~$8.
Overall, a very nice and rich drink! Definitely will get it again in a different outlet!

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Pretty platting and good vibes, nice pancakes πŸ₯ž but I’m not gg again because my pockets are empty.

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We got the half and half
πŸ• Hawaiian
πŸ• Seafood
πŸ• Truffle mushroom
πŸ• Teriyaki chicken

Totalled to around $20

Thin crust is nice and the truffle mushroom is to die for! Will definitely come again

We got the burpple 1 for 1 set and tea:
🍰 Thai milk tea swiss roll
🍰 Nutella swiss roll
🍡 Lychee tea
🍡 Pandan tea
totalled to $13.90.

Pretty decent swiss rolls and teas, but just a tat pricey. And 2 pots of tea for 2 ppl makes you a lil blotted.

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While the mentaiko sauce is as good as always, salmon served is smoked salmon. I prefer normal salmon ):