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Featured In 1 Guide
1-for-1 Mains (~$17.90) + Butterbeer Ordered Tandoori Fish, Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (+ prawns and onsen egg) and Butterbeer (separate order). The sauce for the Tandoori Fish was packed with spices and flavours however the fish is really small and consists of two small pieces. Doesn’t feel very worthy of the $17.90 pricetag. Hunky Dory Aglio Olio (not shown in pic) is pretty good, addition of the prawns and onsen egg is a superb choice! However do note that the addition of prawns & onsen egg (~$5.80) is not covered within the Burpple Beyond 1-for-1 Mains promotion, which we were quite dismayed to find out as the staff failed to convey this to us prior to ordering. The pasta by itself cost $10.90, wouldn’t say it’s very worth to obtain that as the free item since the free item is redeemed for the item of lower value. Butterbeer ($8) is good, worth a try as you don’t see this beverage commonly sold outside! Overall the cafe is quite aesthetically themed, might be a bit warm during the afternoon as there’s not much air-conditioning.
What A Masterpiece! We ordered the Pesto Cream Dory Fish and it was such a colorful masterpiece. The ingredients used were fresh. The pesto wasn’t overbearing and allowed the flavor of the dory fish to shine. The dory fish was silky, soft and decadent. It had a crispy layer of fish skin, which gave a nice change in texture to the velvety fish. The mashed potato ain’t your regular mashed potatoes. It was so smooth and buttery, and it absorbed all the essence of the dory fish and the pesto sauce. The dish was light on the palette yet so satisfactory. We also ordered the Butter beer (Homemade butterscotch soda, $8) excluded from the 1-for-1 deal and it was totally worth it. The soda wasn’t as sweet, with a hint of bitterness and was fragrant. The foam was sweet, smooth and flavorful, which blended harmoniously with the soda. However, it gets sweeter as you drink because of the foam. Overall, it was truly a unique experience with great ambience. Definitely coming back again!
Value For Money Shepard’s Pie Very satisfying Shepard’s pie and the 1-1 deal makes it very worth it.
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Japanese Don Set Meal 9 options to choose from and we chose Unagi and Salmon Don. Thanks for burpple 1 for 1 (set meal). This meal is quite worth it! The unagi was quite big in size. Comes long with a soup, a salad, a drink and 2 sticks of yakitori.
KEI Kaisendon used to have free flow hard boiled eggs on the menu, making it a efficient (nutritionally) post-workout meal spot. However I was disappointed to see that the eggs are removed from the menu, leaving only the free flow salad and soup behind (both extremely forgettable but hey, it’s free. If you need to know, the salad is doused in that goma sauce; you know which one) I got the KEI Signature Kaisendon [$16] and what you see is kinda exactly what you get. It’s an average Kaisendon for below average prices so you would have to adjust your expectations. It comes w nicely sized chunks of tuna, salmon, tako, and some other fish that I honestly forgot right after. There was also a slice of abalone, some ikura, and diced cucumber, all sitting on a bed of Wakame. Tuna had a mushy texture while everything else was fine. The signature sauce wasn’t too invasive, tasting like a typical soy and sesame oil combination that almost faded into the background. The nori was a bit floppy, I think it could have used a quick toast so it doesn’t result in an unnecessarily cumbersome eating experience. Rice wasn’t as pearly and glossy as you would want from a Japanese rice bowl, but it’s not too bad either. The dining area is really small and cramped and the staff are rather curt so I would suggest KEI Kaisendon if you want a quick dinner alone. Eat your average Kaisendon, pay a good price for it, and get out.
Keng Heng
Great Food Food was great, will be back again. Kaisendon was good and the saba fish was fresh. But not much price difference with Burpple deals, paid 31.90 the other time I used without Burpple it was 34.90
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