Another great pork burger with sunny side up egg and the nice pairing with curly fries.


The scramble tasted great and quite fulfilling for me even when it's considered as snack there. It was also not too spicy and the combination with the sourdough was really nice.

Nice tea place to spend your time just to read or hangout with friends. The cafe ambience is quiet and aesthetically pleasing.

My first impression of this cafe was really nice. One of the server came to ask if it was our first time coming to their cafe. He was very nice and showed us the recommended menu.
The matcha cream was nice, and for the pancake you can really taste the multigrain texture. Will definitely come back to try other menu. It was really worth it with Burpple Beyond.


I went around 12.30 on Saturday and there was a queue it was almost sold out. I wanted to order to buy the medium portion but unfortunately there was only small portion left. Apparently the small size was quite fulfilling, and we also got some bonus from the chef. He gave us one ajitama, three wontons and two potato-wrapped shrimp! The chasiu melted easily in my mouth, and the wonton was also very delicious.

The chicken was very tender and the sauce was creamy and quite milky.

Healthy yet delicious! I chose the toppings randomly and it turned out good. The dory was really nice. They also give generous amount of food.

Quite nice food and ambience, reasonable price and the service was quite fast.

Delicious yet affordable thai food. There is always a queue in whichever outlet. The service was quite fast.

Located in Rangoon Road, Tie Fun Wan is specialized in rice bowls. I ordered Sweet & Spicy Pork Belly. It was not really spicy, but more on sweet side. The portion is normal, not that big but quite fulfilling. Add an extra $1.5 for the 63° onsen egg!

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💰 $4.8

Located in new mall 111 Somerset, Coney Donut serves a variation of donut cone. The custard was quite sweet. I think it would be perfect if they have ice cream instead of custard 😁

It was a quite big breakfast, quite fulfilling. I really like the cheesy chicken sausage and it was really worth it with Burpple Beyond 1 for .

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