Received these lots of local flavours Kit Kat and they are so cute! Every flavour comes with their special decoration on the chocolate wafer. At $7.50 per box, it’s a bit pricey but really suitable as gift for overseas friends especially. Currently buy 5 gets 1 free.

This is a pretty dessert to look at and yet very tasty. Not too sweet. Having that vanilla fragrance plus slight tanginess from the fruits, it’s a happy dessert. $20.50 ++

This is a restaurant quality cuisine in food court. At $7.90, what a bargain! Very delicious with fresh ingredients. Love it.

At $36++, it comes with chawamushi and fish soup. Pretty awesome. Good for 2-3 pax.

$8.90 you get a mini portion of salad with slow cooked pork. The pork is spicy and it comes with a vinaigrette sauce. Good for those days you are not hungry but need a bite.

This portion is huge and they offer 20% discount during weekdays 12noon - 2pm. What a bargain!

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It’s a combination of you Tiao and churros 1000KW per piece.

This restaurant served Indian cuisine buffet from chicken, prawn, fishes and vegetables tikka to pognal, Nasi bryani, puri etc. you literally eats the whole India here. USD10 per pax

One of the creamiest clam chowder I’ve ever tried in Singapore. Lots of fresh clams in it and goes super well with the bread bowl. $12 is a little bit pricey but the taste is heavenly, honestly.

It’s a bit fatty but the moment you put a piece in your mouth, it melts inside. So tenderly yummy.