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Now this was pretty tasty! A very comforting, almost home-style stew chicken dish, it didn’t feel very 三杯, but it was yummeh and that’s all that mattered to me. It’s basically chopped up chicken wings, so expect some bones but the meat was tender and skin even had a little crisp to it.

Their “Griddle Cooked Dish” section is on Burpple Beyond!✌️ So we got this and their Mala Chicken (though thah featured tiny, boney chunks of meat that we didn’t love), so we’ll stick to this and try one of their vegetable griddle dishes next time!

New along Arab Street is this cafe-esque spot for salad & grain bowls. They were all out of the chicken proteins when we got there so we tried their salmon, prawns and dory options. The salmon slice arrived in a dark brown hue, clearly being marinated in their mirin soy seasoning for a little too long, so it was slightly stiff though flavourful. You get to pick up to three sides (we’d recommend the carrots, mushrooms, corn and pickled beetroot as the safer choices) and one carb base too.

The best thing about this is the Crispy Pork Chop. Crispy on the outside and tender inside. The fried rice is just so-so. Their Chili is also a bomb, love it! Definitely worth the try! Will be back again!

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Worth trying! Had this meal through MealPal but you are able to choose the meat and other toppings individually!

Grilled chicken thigh stuffed with creamy truffle mushrooms with house mash and seasonal vegetables. Nice place to chill with friends as the place is not as crowded and food is decent. Had Burpple beyond so managed to get one-for-one deal!

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This cafe is known for it’s wide range of chocolate ice cream selection. Was slightly disappointed when most of the chocolate flavours were sold out. The only chocolate available was Chocolate Banana and Chocolate ice cream. I tried chocolate banana flavour and thankfully the banana flavour didn’t cover up much of the chocolate flavour. Will probably be back again for their other chocolate flavours and maybe the waffles. Saw many people ordered the waffles :)

The healthy version of ‘caifan’. The best thing about this place is I get to choose the dishes I want! It’s slightly crowded during lunchtime.

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Miso salmon with doumiao, fried ginger and white rice

Tried their berries pancake with sausages as well as the truffle pasta. Can’t get enough of the pasta! Will be back again.


Food was great except it was too crowded when we went there on Valentine’s Day. Lack of manpower.
Probably will be back to try their other food on less crowded days. Heard they have live band singing on certain days too. Located directly in front of the ‘sea’ area so it was really cooling even though we were seated outside with no aircon.


Portion was huge and price is cheaper than usual. Tried the chicken chop and it was juicy and tender 😋

Food was decent but ambience was perfect for catchup with friends.