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Best sandwich I've ever had! Katsu is a must try. Apart from doing the grocery of beer and sakee, U need a bottle of frozen 80s coca cola and the sandwich! Staffs are very friendly. 4.8/5

Crunchy Crunchy Crunchy It's a signature dish in here. Must Try! 3.5/5

Apparently the food here are so shit, but the beers are good enough for beverage time! Omelet: 1.5/5 Coffee: 3/5 Overall: 2/5

The egg Benedict is average, it's a good place to talk with your pals tho. Overall: 2.8/5

Eat the egg up, grab a slice up & put it in your mouth. The ingredients are mighty Freshy, the tomato sauce base is a bit salty. The craft beers are must try. Bad playlist btw. Overall: 3/5