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Daniel Food Diary
Daniel Food Diary

But I decided to give R&B Express at Newton Hawker Centre a try. Since it has a Michelin recommendation.
Have to say these were decent barbecued chicken wings – evenly grilled till there was that enticing brown colour, thin and lightly-crisp skin, and moderately juicy on the inside.

The accompanying chilli sauce with its tanginess helped ‘lift’ up the taste.

But not sure if they are the best around. Most of the BBQ chicken wings around 都差不多 more or less the same. No?
It’s usually the chilli that makes the difference.
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Other than the usual suspects, these are the other popular Hokkien Mee you can find in Singapore.
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It is a surf and turf type of restaurant serving up seafood, steaks, an extensive selection of drinks.

Popular dishes included Pelican Classics such as Old-Fashioned Crab Cakes served with pickled vegetables; Ribeye Steak with anchovy butter and fries; and The Pelican Lobster Burger.
Among the mains, the Snapper Pie was the recommended dish.

Baked to golden brown, this classic pie has a buttery and flaky puff pastry crust.

Other SG Closures here: bit.ly/closedsg

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The guy serving would scoop rice and place meat on it in alternate layers.

When I packed it home, I would smell its heady aroma after opening from the variety of spices, plus garlic, yogurt, onions, cashew nuts, and ghee.

Compared to most other briyani I had, I noted that the yellow-orange grains were more evenly coloured, and quite gentle in terms of spice level.

Get the fried chicken. It’s deliciously juicy.
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More here: bit.ly/hokkienmeesg
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Chuan Kee Satay began as a family business in the 1970s and specialises in Hainanese-style satay, served with peanut-with-pineapple sauce.

Regulars would tell you to NOT come at peak hours, or the wait can be closer to an hour or beyond.

Also, I observed that there is no queueing or buzzer system, and auntie recognises customers and order sequence by faces or what they wear.

Chuan Kee’s Hainanese-style satays are grilled for a longer duration over a low fire.

Though not the most generous when it comes to amount of meat per stick, Chuan Kee Satay is affordable at $0.60 per stick (minimum order of 10 sticks). They are famous for pork satay, though I found mine surprisingly on the tough side.

The chicken satay was good though, tender and basted in a sticky, golden syrup exuding the aroma of lemongrass and coriander. The sugars in the syrup help create that caramelisation, and eventually, a beautiful charring.

More here: bit.ly/sataysg


The first thing that stood out for me was that golden caramelised top and unmistakable sweet aroma, almost like butter scotch) when you first open the box.

Even after refrigeration, I was surprised to find that the centre still remained soft, but yet not overly-molten that the slice would collapse.
Take a bite and let that richness and creaminess linger in your mouth. Oh….. The premium French cream used makes this cake creamier than usual as it has a higher fat content as compared to regular whipping cream.
Sweetness has also been scaled down to suit local taste buds. $24 for 5”, $30 for 6”, $38 for 7” Whole cake.

Self-collection at One Raffles Place basement or islandwide delivery via https://chalongsg.myshopify.com


This is after close to 5 years of operations in Singapore.

The DC Super Heroes Café Takashimaya outlet will reopen on Friday 19 June.

However, it will soon transit to a new brand.

To read about other closures: bit.ly/closedsg

Spent a bit of time compiling 20 Best Hokkien Mee in Singapore.
Part 1: Here’s the first 6!
More here: bit.ly/hokkienmeesg
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Opened by young hawkers and at Market Street Food Centre, this is not your ordinary Ipoh Hor Fun stall, as there are a couple of fun surprises in store for you and your palate.

Usually there is either the classic mushroom sauce or curry.

There is also more adventurous-tasting Chicken Chop Yuan Yang Hor Fun ($4.50), a combination of both sauces.

The creamy curry sauce took on the more primary role as it covered the more herbal braised sauce, but I liked that light coconuty fragrance and meaty chicken pieces.

Upon mixing, it was one messy goodness that strangely reminded me of the gooey Scissors Cut Curry Rice.
More here: bit.ly/ipohhorfun

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Chai Ho Satay continues to enjoy long lines, due to its affordable Pork and Chicken Satay, priced at 45cents per stick (minimum order of 10). Their meats are well marinated and infused with delicious, well balanced flavours. The popular Pork Satay comes with heavenly sweet layer of fat that added a nice crunch and light char.

I was slightly disappointed that the peanut sauce did not come with pineapple puree, but at least it was thick and luscious – not too oily too.

More here: bit.ly/clementi448

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