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Featuring The Little Prince Cafe (Somme Road), Tsukijiri Gindaco (ION Orchard), Lab Made Ice Cream, Pavé, SaladStop! (CityLink Mall), Ristorante Alla Rampa - Piazza Di Spagna, 许留山, Lotus Garden 蓮園甜品, Kaffeine, The Square
Daniel Food Diary
Daniel Food Diary

They just opened at Paya Lebar Quarter PLQ!

Aside from the fresh crabs with chunky and juicy meat, what makes this rendition unique is how the sauce combines tomato sauce and fresh-squeezed orange juice to deliver a distinct taste.

You would find that the sauce to be fruitier and even eggier than usual, and so makes it appetising yet not overly rich. The good thing is there is A LOT of sauce, so good that you can even have it on its own.

Of course, it is best appreciated when you dunk those piping hot deep-fried mantou to soak up all that mildly-spicy gravy. Yums.


One of their signature flavours is the Herbalmint or Pei Ka Koa, infused into this redesigned 2.0 milk tea beverage.

Also get the Azuki Matcha Green Tea Latte. The matcha green tea leaves flavour is quite gao-gao, with a pleasant lingering bitterness.



The hotate is transformed into a rich paste, then coated with crispy panko.
Absolutely creamy on the inside, and crunchy good on the outside.

The restaurant is quite a hidden find, and you may feel yourself being transported right to the Land of the Rising Sun with its colourful décor, retro music and staff in Japanese costumes.

A way to ‘judge’ a Japanese restaurant is to have a quick look at its patrons. It is not difficult to find Japanese families, couples and business people dine here after work.


Get unlimited servings of English and Peranakan weekend high tea delights on Atrium’s 44-metre bar.

You won’t help but reminisce childhood memories as you partake of authentic Peranakan dishes, such as Nyonya Curry Chicken, served with home-made French Baguette, Popiah with Braised Sweet Turnips, and Kecap Manis Chicken Skewers.

Don’t miss the live stations featuring DIY Kueh Pie Tee, Singapore Rojak, and their signature Prawn Laksa.



This is the branch at Samcheong-dong. Swipe right for more highlights.
Its proximity to the cultural and historic Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung Palace, and standalone three-storey café also make this space highly instagrammable.

To find it, head over to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA), the café is just opposite.

For orientation, customers order at the ground floor, collect drinks on the second floor, but the third floor is where you would be rewarded with the best views of the palace and faraway hills.

bit.ly/bluebottleseoul #DFDSeoul

Located quite near central Seoul, there are many narrow ways of hipster cafes, restaurants, and accessory shops.
The external looks caught in time, but the things sold are just fascinating as many local artists and designers sell their pieces here.

A place where tradition meets modernity, with easy going vibes.
Got myself a Purple Berry Cone for 2500Won which was well worth its price.
Pretty place.
#DFDSeoul #DFDSoftserve


This Tokyo-style dish comes with dashi, pickles, and a serving of chawanmushi. You will also get more rice here compared to the serving in hitsumabushi.

Notice that the unagi is prepared differently. Though it is still grilled over charcoals under strict temperature control, the cooking time is only six to eight minutes.

This shortened grilling method yields a softer, more delicately textured eel.

Not my usual kind of cafe (pink’s not my colour, but the blue is). Here at Style Nanda Pinkpool Cafe, where cotton candy is served with coffee, baristas look like Korean pop star, and people just take countless selfies.
Head up to the rooftop and you can lie on pink cushions and look down at the busy Myeongdong. Sometimes it’s great to just imagine that you are in another world.
More on IG stories for Seoul highlights, if not > bit.ly/dfdseoul


Milksha @milksha_sg has opened a new outlet at the latest trending mall in Singapore – Paya Lebar Quarter PLQ, offering exclusive personalised summer drinks.

Get the Milksha Red Bean Ice Blend, which is an ice kachang-inspired drink. Instead of the usual red beans, special Taiwanese azuki beans are included, said to have less ‘beany’ flavour with natural sweetness.

Loved the creaminess and delicate sweetness, and may just send down nostalgic feels.

Check out what other special drinks they have: bit.ly/milkshaplq

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This Bursting Salmon Roe Rice Bowl comes with a heaping layer of umami-laden ikura over freshly steamed rice.
The brilliant orange pearls of salmon roe are first marinated in a combination of special soy sauce and vinegar to infuse them with more flavour.

Serving this bright orange dish is almost like a ceremony, complete with rhythmic beats from taiko drums and staff chanting “Yoisho! Yoisho!” as they scoop out these precious roe.

Also check out what else Amazing Hokkaido has to offer: bit.ly/amazinghokkaido