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Daniel Food Diary
Daniel Food Diary

The chicken pieces are coated with this special cheese powder that has an addictive-sweetish tinge.
As you reach out to have more and more, it feels as though you are having ‘cinema food’ of Doritos. Unstoppable.

There was also this awesome crust on the outside, likely to be a kids’ favourite. If only they had a chicken skin version.


My friend wanted to treat me for a “good birthday meal”, and I think this works just well.

It still took about a 40 min wait, but nothing beats the comforting taste of good-old Singapore hawker food. Standard still about there.

I believe many food businesses are affected by the current situation. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for this - fear is real, livelihood is also real. This has a spiral effect.

Once the situation improves, do not forget to support our local businesses, be nicer to our hardworking hawkers, and treat yourself a good meal. Yes, BCM over instant noodles anytime for me.

We can weather the storm together.
#DFDHawker #DFDMichelin #DFDNoodles


Hongdae Oppa’s Chix features 100% fresh chicken, with each part marinated for 12 hours for maximum flavour.

You cannot go wrong with the Original, seasoning the chicken using an original recipe before deep-frying it to crunchy perfection.

What I liked was that the $10.90 portion was indeed quite sizable, with 4 pieces that are good for two to share.
So even if you have ordered other dishes, I would recommend just getting some of the Korean Fried Chicken.
Hongdae Oppa X DFD 1-for-1 Exclusive Special – 1-for-1 Fried Chicken, Sizzlers, Tteokbokki, Ramyeon, Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)
– Second item to be of equivalent or lower value.
– Diners to flash this DFD blog post or video upon ordering to enjoy the discount.
– Valid every Weekday till 31 Mar 2020.

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There is also a Jiak by Jinfeng at AMK Singapore, though the relation between the three is not clear.
Anyway, the Braised Pork Rice at XIMEN Jinfeng is worth a try, with both tender and fatty pork belly meat on short grained rice, and braised sauce being absorbed through.
This entire meal is like NT$200 (SGD9), with rice, soup, bee hoon, side dishes... very, very affordable. #DFDTaipei


This is from Yu Pin Yuan Iced and Hot Tangyuan, which specialises in hot sesame and peanut dumplings on shaved ice drizzled with osmanthus syrup.

There are many other choices but get these 冰火湯圓 which are Ice-Fire Dumplings.
I would say eat the balls fast, to experience that hot thin skin before it gets harder due to the ice.
Oozy peanut fillings, with fragrant osmanthus syrup.
At the more under rated Tong Hua Night Market. Worthy to try.


Despite the virus scare, the cafe is still packed, with a waiting time of 30 min or more.
People come for their instagrammable seasonal drinks and cakes.
The front part of the cafe is designed like a living room, making it a cosy space to hang out with friends.

Cakes change daily, so you have to look out for their IG page for updates. Smart and lovely.


Some people say “if you been to Taipei but not tried Wu Lao Guo, you haven’t been there” 有點誇張

Elixir Health Pot, better known as “Wu Lao Guo” 無老鍋 is considered one of the best and the most popular steamboat restaurants in Taipei.

The name “Wu Lao Guo” literally translates to “never old pot”, and is built on the philosophy of providing diners with hotpots brimming with health and beauty properties.

The good news is that Wu Lao Guo offers a twin “ying-yang” hot pot which means that you can try two of their most popular broths.

The two signature broths are the Layered Tofu (NT$129 per person, SGD5.90) cooked with chicken bone and large pork bone, simmered with more than a dozen Chinese spices and herbs; the other is the Spicy Wulao (NT139 per person, SGD6.30) with Chinese spices cooked for eight hours then added with fresh chicken broth.

Who’s a fan of Wu Lao Guo? swipe right to get hungry again #DFDTaipei

劉芋仔 Liu Yu Zai is easily the stall with the longest queue, but the hawkers were steady and fast.
Two items are on sale: Deep Fried Taro Balls (NT$25), and Deep Fried Taro Balls with Salted Egg Yolk (NT$30). I suggest getting both – you won’t regret it. They use to cost NT$20 and $25 respectively though.

The Taro Balls contain soft savoury pork floss with a ball of salted egg yolk wrapped within.

As you take a bite, you could marvel at the softness and natural sweetness of the taro, along with the varying textures of the fillings. Simple pleasure. #DFDTaipei


The Gula Melaka Cake with Cashew Crumble is a rich butter cake infused with gula melaka, coconut milk and rum, then topped with cashew nuts.

The dessert is also served with a creamy scoop of ice cream, which you can drizzle espresso over.

Some may find paying that much for Iced Kopi ($7) not that worthwhile, and may choose an ‘upgrade’ with its Kopi Shake ($9) which is more foamy, served in a cocktail, and has rich-chocolaty aftertaste.

Swipe right to check out the beautiful interior.
More NEW cafes here


To keep up with the trends, @chirchirsg has introduced four brand-new chicken dishes to tantalise your tongue-buds, including Mala Chicken, Nacho Chicken, Cream Onion Chicken, and Yu-Ling Chicken.

The Mala Fried Chicken contains chunky pieces of deep-fried chicken tenders wok-fried in a tongue-tingling mala sauce included with Szechuan peppercorn and dried chilli peppers.

Then served with sliced onions and creamy onion dipping sauce.

Perhaps the rendition could even remind you of the popular Szechuan dish of La Zi Ji, except that this comprises of bigger pieces of juicy chicken.

If you are the type who has ”wei la” (little spiciness) for your mala dishes, then this should be up your alley.


You cannot go wrong with the Original, seasoning the chicken using an original recipe before deep-frying it to crunchy perfection.

Hongdae Oppa X DFD 1-for-1 Exclusive Special
– 1-for-1 Fried Chicken, Sizzlers, Tteokbokki, Ramyeon, Budae Jjigae (Army Stew)
– Second item to be of equivalent or lower value.
– Diners to flash the DFD blog post or this video upon ordering to enjoy the discount.
– Valid every Weekday from 12 Feb till 31 Mar 2020. Except V-Day
– Offer is limited to one redemption per card, per table, per bill. No splitting of table/bill is allowed.
– Valid only for dine-in.
– Not valid with any other ongoing promotions and set menu.



The cake comprises of the quintessential burnt cheesecake recipe topped with macerated raisins, drizzled with burnt rum sauce.

While I would have preferred it to be more molten, the cheesecake was still soft and moreish, and the topping of rum-soaked raisins offered a subtle alcoholic flavour and textural component.

Swipe right for more, and head over to

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