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Ban Mian 板面 [$4] My family has been a regular of Westmall’s and Grandstand’s Nam Kee for their handmade mee hoon kway - glad to see them up at Plaza Sing too! Went for ban mian as they don’t serve mee hoon kway here. The broth was a little different from what we are familiar with (our fav is at Grandstand), perhaps due to the lard and marinated minced meat, but it was still a pretty hearty and comforting bowl. Their ban mian is thinner but thicker, cooked just nice to retain a good chewy bite. It also comes with ikan bilis, minced meat, braised mushrooms, veg and an egg - a good affordable meal in town! 📍Nam Kee JB Handmade Pau Plaza Singapura B2-25
Wei Zhi
And that very very good板面! . . Going @$5/= . . #fluffyunicorn🦄 #2020 #throwback #banmian #namkeepau #happyeating #burpple #burpplesg #whati8today #sgfoodtrend #sgmakandiary #sgfoodies #sgfoodblogger #sghawkerculture #foodies #8dayseats #chinesefood #jiaklocal #localfood
Handmade Mee Hoon Kway (9/10!!) Walked past their Plaza Sing outlet with @tannnnie, where we got enticed by a banner on MHK. $4.50 for handmade noodles? WHY NOT!! Its hard to find handmade MHK nowadays since machine increases their productivity .. BUT BUT BUT they should sell this everywhereeeee holy it's a reminiscent of your mum's food. I would be glad to eat this everyday. #singapore #foodstagram #chinesefood #meehoonkway #相機食物 #新加坡必吃 #新加坡美食 #新加坡 #foodporn #foodstagram #whati8today #8dayseat #globetrot #吃貨 #instafood #instafoodsg #rollingoohinSG #sgfoodlover #sgfoodblogger #burpple
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Rainbow Tortoises I swept as many flavours as I could already. In short, the appeal here isn't the taste, but the variety and shape. (Clockwise from top left) Peanut, kaya, black sesame, green bean, yam, salted bean, pineapple, red bean. The skin was kinda thick, but the kueh was quite spherical, which meant more filling. If ang ku kueh is named for its tortoise shell shape, here they are Galapagos tortoises. Kaya and yam were interesting in that they're creamier than paste, while pineapple used grated pineapple, which although tart didn't impress me.
Thiam Peng
Abacus Seeds 2.5 Quite average and doesnt quite have the usual chewy texture, this one was slightly mushy.
Went a little Ku Ku when I devoured the Kueh... was also slightly Ang-ry at myself for not having tried this sooner... . . Yesterday, I got to try some kuehs for the first time from @pohcheukitchen. It was an impromptu decision to go down for some kuehs with my friend and it was a decision that I did not regret. I managed to try the yam ang ku kueh which I really loved a lot as it was not too sweet and the filling was generous. Imagine having orh ni but enclosed in a thin and delectable layer of ku kueh skin. Splendid! I had the peanut one which was pretty normal but still delicious nonetheless. The one with the mung bean paste filling was slightly too dry for my liking and I have had better (read more about it below). The soon kueh, bamboo shoot kueh, koo chye kueh, and png kueh were also pretty good too. You could tell that they use plenty of dried shrimps when you bite down on the kueh and that is one of the reason for the fragrance it emits. Many places sell kuehs with skin that is too thick which diminishes the quality of the kuehs in my opinion. Not here though, as the skin for all the kuehs that I bought were appropriately thin. I will definitely be back to get all 12 flavours of ang ku kuehs! Too many flavours, too little room in the stomach! 😂 . . I once had a discussion with @traditionalfoodhero and @ariane.le about what I would choose to have as part of dessert for my last meal (if I had a choice). I said that my aunt's Ang Ku Kueh, which she used to make for friends and family on special occasions, would definitely top the list. I love Ang Ku Kueh ever since young mostly because of my aunt but I haven't had nice ones for a long time because my aunt is now too old to make her signature Ang Ku Kueh. I would say that I am quite particular about my ang ku kuehs and my favourite would be the mung bean paste ang ku kuehs made by my aunt. Mung bean paste ang ku kuehs were my aunt's signature and they are the best I have ever had. People often attempt to pay my aunt for her to make it in batches but she always rejects the offers. Making ang ku kueh is extremely tedious but I guess my aunt's love for the family is stronger, thus only making it for us. 😅
Don't Play With Food
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Truffle Fries Would be better if there is more truffle taste to it.
My First Halal English Breakfast Experience 💕 Side note: I never knew how difficult it was to locate a Halal-certified cafe till I had to find one. Visited Penny University with a Muslim friend and woohoo it was a great experience!! I got the full English breakfast which consisted scrambled eggs (which were dry and kinda meh), turkey bacon, chicken sausage, baked beans, sautéed mushrooms, hash brown, mixed salad and 2 sliced of toasted bread. The portion was extremely generous. I struggles to finish the dish, though it was pretty good, esp. the sausage. I also really liked the iced latte they served, which completed the meal IMO. It was strong enough but smooth and not overwhelming 🤘 Taste: 7/10 Ambience: 7/10 (very cosy space that fits only around 20-30 pax? Nicely decorated with interesting pieces of “antiques” at every corner) Wifi/phone reception: 3/10 (the cafe provides free wifi to patrons, but there’s barely signal - constantly hovering between nil to one bar in strength. Nothing much changes even when you toggle to your own 3g/4g data. I’m guessing reception’s just generally bad in the cafe. Perhaps a good reminder to all of us that we should focus on our loved ones and the meal before us instead of our phones 😂)
Waffles & Whole Day Breakfast Ordered the chicken and waffle and breakfast platter. The chicken was fried to perfection and the maple syrup complemented the saltiness of the chicken. Waffles was fluffy too!
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Brownies/ Brookie ($4.80-$5.50 each) ⭐️ 4.5/5 ⭐️ 🍴Probably the most popular brownies in town that are well-deserving of their fame. These are sinfully good chocolate treats that not only have delicious rich and dark chocolate flavour, but also manage to achieve a fluffy and moist texture. We enjoyed all the different flavours and found the banana and sea salt version to have more balance. These will suit those who are not huge pure chocolate fans (like us). In comparison, we found the peanut butter brownie to be a tad heavy on the palette as both peanut and chocolate flavours were really rich. Overall, we preferred the brownies to the brookie but that’s probably because we like our cookies more traditional. #thebackyardbakers are currently offering a #bundtbag that comes with 3 #brookies and 8 #brownies for $61.40. 📍@thebackyardbakers, 01-22, 2 Havelock Road, Singapore
Crunchy Peanut Butter Brownie Finally trying out the brownies fr this highly raved place. Brownie was extremely moist and dense. In the centre of the Brownie, there were some peanut butter. Well balanced brownie
Best Brownies!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 #CircuitBreaker Day17 . . Officially down to my last 2 precious of the backyard Bakers brownies with a small cup of Walls Vanilla ice cream 🍨! BEST COMBO💯! Their brownies are all freshly made, moist, perfect textured, rich in flavours and super duper fragrant!! Spoilt for choices on their flavours but our super most favourite is still their 74% Bittersweet Dark Chocolate 🍫 ! . . So glad that they can still operate as per normal during this COVID-19 period but they have a change in their menu & operation. They now only take preorder for a combo bag with fixed items, inclusive of a savoury items so there will be bread, brownies & brookies! Menu will be changed daily and posted between 130-2pm for next day. DM them to place your order, payments and drop by on your collection timing to collect your orders!
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