Back to my first jap restraunt after so many years. The nostalgia stirs up feelings of have been. The queue forming outside while waiting for the opening is test statement of how well this branch continues to deliver.

Walking around an alley can get dangerous. Grab some alcohol to disinfect. When so many people does it, it only make sense to build a bar hence named alley bar.
You notice the huge mirror on entry which is magnificently placed.
8/10. Would get drunk here again.

Hidden among tanjong pagar complex is this neighborhood coffee shop that serves local coffee. Full industrial setting, decent coffee.

I hesitated picking this. As the photo suggests, lots of calories. After being presented to us, the sauce continues to flow from the top. Mesmerizing.
On a scale of 1-10, it’s fluffy. It’s light and spongy, definitely something unique.
Deserves my $20.

The renaissance of coffee shops brings us an influx of baristas ready to make their mark. And if you’re an avid coffee seeker like me, you’ve learnt to deal with disappointment.
So imagine my surprise when I actually relish in the aroma of brewed brand spiced with coconut. Perhaps taking a leaf out of the africa themed cafe.
Comes with an additional shot as an option.

I have gotta admit - got a soft spot for cream pasta. Top up and egg and I’m pretty biased. Enjoyable pasta with seaweed thrown in to keep the taste refreshing. Classic dish, well executed.

Classical Oglio Oglio with heavy emphasis on “tiger prawns”. Tiger prawns are fresh, juicy. But at $22 a plate... there is room for improvement.

Finally had the time on a weekday to try korio’s breakfast Sammy.
Nested within the vicinity of toastbox ya kun and mr teh tarlik, I wondered how they can sustain as a premium take out.
For $12 you get a satisfying sandwich that does keeps you filled up. They really took their time to make them too. But that’s ok as long as they deliver quality.
It looks as good as it tastes.

While waiting for our sandwich to get ready, there is an endless supply of people coming to pickup these donuts.
That’s all the reason I need to grab one of these subtle looking pastries. Oh boy. Glad to have done so. Tailored to local tastebuds with lower sweetness. It’s enjoyable.

Patin fish is not avail for buffet. It’s their signature choice and it taste different than your usual snapper. Well worth the top up... maybe. But it’s the best grilled fish we’ve tried.

So it’s been 2 years! Which means I gotta shell out some moolah to keep the missus happy. Where better to do so than at Dempsey cookhouse and bar.
I’ve heard rave reviews and brutal neviews about the service. So we went to check it out for ourselves.
Do yourselves a favor. Skip the caviar egg. It’s too pricy. We did enjoy the snapper in sweet and sour broth - which is both tantalizing and tingling. And the pizza is decent.
Dempsey cookhouse and bar is an establishment that does pack the flavors that are usually lacking at this level. One of the more enjoyable evenings.

Located within bishan park is this stand alone establishment of pure burger joy. Iconic and easily located.
Grub started serving their burgers with mentaiko mayo - which is oddly satisfying so much so I had it with everything else.
Escape the bustling of city life for awhile and indulge in their simple burgers. And don’t forget the mentaiko