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my most loving cafe in Tanjong Pagar area! I wonder why not many people are at here. calm,clean and value for money. needless to say, foods and coffee are so nice. I'm worrying about the cafe will not open on Saturday... I wish more people enjoy fun life at First 25 cafe.

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I ate Beef Sandwiches (13$). It's value for money because that's including tax and there's no service fee. Of course it was delicious and enough amount for my stomach. I also ate banana cake, I also recommend it.

I ordered vongole pasta (9.6 $). Flat pasta, many clams, garlicky salty soup, I felt the pasta light taste, but soup was deep taste, so combination of pasta & soup was great. It's value for money.


It looks simple,but bread is baked moderately,so it's smelled very nice. The eggs and tomatoes combination also nice,more than anything sauce is the most important factor I think. I don't know how to make the sauce, fresh and sourish taste is suitable for the tomatoes.


In a cafe,sometimes it's cold by too strong air conditioner. But this cafe is moderate temperatures, and I can use free wifi, so it's comfortable for nomad. Of course, staffs are friendly. I ate smoked salmon and eggs, these are delicious each other, and it's also delicious if it's mixed. I recommend lime barley, it's suitable for hot day.

The public izakaya located by ICON village serves weekly ramen. This week, Hajime ramen,famous salty chicken soup ramen in Japan, is served. I like this one, it's not fatty but mild taste. The soup is clear, it's more difficult than cloudy one to make. I can eat everything including soup. maybe Hajime ramen will be served until Friday or Saturday, you have to eat as soon as possible.

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This is nearby Singapore Art Museum. Meat and Fish dishes are positioned mainly,so I ordered fish and chips, and iced lemon tea. Fried fish, French fry,and salad are all nice but large in quantity. My stomach had been full for 2-3 hours. If you can,you may eat after walking around the museum to eat deliciously.

This is the most delicious croque-madame I have ever eaten. Silent and sunlight atmosphere, free wifi, it's suitable for a wonderful holiday.


I ordered set lunch menu about $12.70 including pasta, onion soup,and drink. Today's pasta was creamy penne with mushrooms and onions. The onions have mellow flavor, but light taste as a whole. I wanna repeat.