Can never go wrong with mentaiko. Must try maki!

My photo doesn't do justice. One bite of this salmon and it was so flavorful! The salmon is miso-infused, served with brown rice and lotus root pickles. Never a fan of pickles, this one really opens up the tastebud.

All time favorite! This bowl never disappoints especially when you crave for hot noodle soup. You can choose the type of soup and noodle - which my usual order would be beef soup prickled vege + la mian (pictured is rice noodle). A bowl is about S$10.90

So apparently churros origin is debated to be either from Spain, Portugal or even China. No biggie so long this Mexican restaurant serves fresh crunchy churros! 4 sticks for ~S$14

Fish head curry with generous portion of vegetables, yam and beancurd. Not too spicy and appetising when eaten with white rice. Served about 3-4pax ~S$31. Great ambience too.

Calling all mango fans! Best combo of mangoes, shaved snow ice, coconut cream and sticky rice! Must try when in Bangkok.

So I didn't know there was a difference between Kakigori and Bingsu. Anyway, this bowl of dessert is beautifully crafted with scoops of melon. Love how it is not super sweet as the sweetness comes mainly from the fruit. Towards the end of the bowl, we can start tasting honeydew syrup on the ice. Good for sharing with two.


When you cannot decide to go for Thai or Jap - go fusion! This bowl is originally served with udon noodles. Not a fan of udon, we requested the noodles to be changed to ramen. And it works well! The tomyum soup is of the creamy kind served with seafood. A bowl costed us RM 28.


Lunch at this Vietnamese restaurant serves a good size bowl of Australian beef steak slice pho and fresh hand rolls with a cup of drink for only $10.90. Available on weekdays 10am-2pm.

Been here a few times (including the other branches in Suntec City and Plaza Singapura), the bowl of beef pho never disappoints. Beef is cooked medium rare and it goes well with the pho chilli sauce.

Always love my fish paste noodle to be served with milk. By far, this is the best fish paste noodle tasted. The milky soup is served with kiam chai (sourish prickled vege, I think) and tomatoes with bee hoon noodles, and of course huge fish paste. Must try!

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The photo shows a tomyum seafood soup for 2pax. When it was served, the smell of basil leaves was so strong and upon the first spoon of the soup, it tasted so much of basil. Not a fan of basil leaves, I had to choose them out from the soup. Still enjoy the tomyum soup but it's not one of the best. Spiciness level: 3/10 and the bowl cost us RM22.


As usual, my must-have dish in a Thai restaurant would be the tomyum soup. In the menu, there was only tomyum mee hoon, in which I requested to change the mee hoon to Thai glass noodle. Verdict for the soup - authentically good! One of the best I've tasted in fact. As for the noodle, well it was slightly undercooked. Price for the bowl of tomyum noodle: RM26.50. Spiciness level: 7/10