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Miso White Chocolate Cookie Miso and white chocolate is a strange-sounding but daring combination and Woodlands Sourdough made it work so beautifully. First of all, the cookie ($3) is on the thin side (not those chunky American style cookies) has a soft, buttery texture, breaking apart easily when picked up. It's got the most satisfying crispy edge where the cookie is a bit more cooked and inside it is soft and creamy with the white chocolate. I prefer this to the chunky style haha. Flavor-wise, the miso provided a salty contrast against the sweet white chocolate. It's kinda like a mystery ingredient; if you didn't tell me there was miso, I wouldn't be able to identify it from the subtle, slightly umami flavor of the cookie. Really delicious treat. 9.5/10
Spelt Walnut Blondie I had but the vaguest idea what a blondie was. Apparently it's a brownie but with the chocolate replaced with a vanilla flavoring and utilizing brown sugar instead. And this delightful dessert ($5.50) worked so well. The mild vanilla flavor made the bittersweet chocolate chips swirled into the mix so much more pronounced and didn't allow the chocolate to overpower the mix or make the dessert too sickly sweet. The texture of the blondie itself is beautiful, just barely crumbling apart and the chocolate chips just perfectly melted. And the walnuts added a delightfully crunch. 9/10
Vegan Bialy This smelt really good esp because of the rosemary! The bread was chewy & tangy; the filling (potatoes w onions and sesame seeds) was soft and tasty. Yumz!!
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