Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

🔆 SahCha (RM23)
🔆 Lime Avocado Cake (RM19)
🔆 Pastry
🔆 Hot Latte
damn this is a really good place that ive only discovered today! once you stepped into the cafe, it is filled with a great scent of coffee!! (ahhhhhh so nice) tbh all their food are so good would love to be back again to try their desserts // highly recommended to y’all!

Nice for Instagram feed whereas the taste is just similar as the original flavour haha.

We used online number system to queue and after we got the number we still gotta wait around 2 hours to get our turn. Honestly, I would say the food is just meh 😕. The soups are nice but it doesn’t worth queuing so long just for a hotpot tbh. Prefer xiaolongkan more than this tho. However, the services are great. Will I come back again? Nope.

Used to be a big portion but during my last visit it has became really small. You can choose either to be spicy or non-spicy.

Really love their pork ribs, a must order during every of my visits. One for RM49 and just right for 2 persons portion. Love the juiciness of the meat, the sauce is also on point! (They do sell the sauce for RM9.9).

Cake portion is big, it’s abit too sweet for me. Ordered the famous tiramisu and another one I have already forgotten.

If you asked the locals for suggestion, they would tell you about this wanton mee located at chulia street. Make sure you come early so you don’t have to wait for long.

The noodles are very thin and good. It doesn’t have the very strong noodle taste. The polo bun is a disappointment.

If it is your first time visiting this restaurant, the uncle will give you suggestions but their menu is very easy to order. Nice meat herbal soup!! The taro rice is a good match with it. However, suggest to take grab to this place as the parking would be hard to find.

To get this much of lala and siham for RM3 each plate in KL is pretty hard.

Try visit during weekdays, lesser people shorter queue time. I visited on Friday night dinner time, went in without any queue. The choices are very extensive. The staffs are very attentive.

Th bread is already good on its own but when in combination with bacon and egg make it even better. Dining in this cafe makes me happy every time.