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For a Wide Variety of Tea Plus Tea Snacks This hidden gem in Cheras is truly a tea lover's paradise. The friendly team offers an array of teas to sip on – from Green to White and Oolong. Recommendations from the community include the Silver Needle (White, RM18) and Ya Shi Xiang (Oolong, RM13). Alternatively, opt for a Matcha Latte (RM16) or the bubbly Genmaicha Cold Brew Tea (RM12) that's perfect for hot days. If you’re feeling peckish, opt for the Cha-Bagel (RM18) – a poppy seed bagel with housemade matcha cream cheese and smoked salmon. Photo by Burppler Benzzy Lim
For a Tea-Lovers Paradise Here’s one for the tea drinkers! Spend weekend mornings with a friend sipping on fresh brews at this beautiful tea bar. You’ll find a variety of Green, White and Oolong teas on the menu, like the fruity Yi Shi Xiang (oolong, RM13). Also look out for the ice-cold and fizzy Nitro Kombucha (from RM12) with soft hints of hojicha that's a great thirst quencher on hot days. Spot creative tea-infused dishes on the food menu too! The Cha- Bagel (from RM12) with matcha cream cheese and the Cha-Croissants (RM10) made with matcha from Kyoto are both delightful. Photo by Burppler Twinkle Gan
Cha-bagel With Smoked Salmon & Nitro Kombucha At RM20 & RM18 respectively, it might be a bit pricey to some but the matcha cream cheese goes well with the smoked salmon and sesame bagel. The nitro kombucha is hojicha based and tasted how a kombucha would taste like but with a added tea hint.
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