Had no choice but to dabao due to COVID restrictions, but a great excuse for a picnic at Botanic Gardens! A great English Breakfast! Every element was really good (except for the potatoes which were a bit bland). Amazing sourdough, creamy eggs, flavourful sausage, succulent bacon, juicy tomatoes, and unoffensive kale. Although it's really good, it's honestly a bit on the pricey side without Burpple Beyond, so yay for BB!

Had no choice but to dabao due to COVID restrictions, but a great excuse for a picnic at Botanic Gardens! The components are simple: salty prosciutto, creamy eggs, sweat brioche, and fresh kale. But each component is done to perfection, and they complement each other so well. So delicious and satisfying, and all the more worth it with Burpple Beyond!

Used the BB 1-for-1 deal to redeem two regular cups with two flavours each. Tried Hazelnut, Pistachio, Matcha and Vanilla. All of them are top quality! My favourite has to be Pistachio! Hazelnut is quite rich and sweet, so may overpower the milder flavours, best to pair with something like dark chocolate. For the Matcha lovers, also do note that this Matcha ice cream is also mixed with lemon, white chocolate and pistachio, so it's definitely not a "pure" Matcha flavour, but it's a very refreshing take on Matcha!

A classic combination with blue cheese, caramelised onions and truffle mayo. The key flavour here is blue cheese which if you love, you loooove. Served with a side of fries, this burger is super delicious though a bit heavy if you have a smaller appetite.

Decent brunch fare, though on the pricier side. This Brekkie of Champions is an English Breakfast with toast, baked beans, cherries on the vine, bacon, mushrooms, sausage, and eggs done your way. Quite a feast indeed! Each part of this spread is done beautifully, from the juicy tomatoes to the flavourful mushrooms and non-canned baked beans. My only gripe is that the poached eggs are quite vinegary, probably due to the way they cooked it. Do note that you have to order drinks of you use the Burpple Beyond deal, and their drinks are quite pricey as well ($5-$10).

Decent brunch fare, though on the pricier side. This surf and turf tower has English muffins and scrambled eggs two ways, with smoked salmon and stewed beef, served with a side of salsa and pickles. The stewed beef was delicious with the eggs and but the smoked salmon was a bit bland and drowned in the creaminess of the eggs. Do note that you have to order drinks of you use the Burpple Beyond deal, and their drinks are quite pricey as well ($5-$10).


Came here because of a Chope 1-for-1 voucher if not probably wouldn't have known this place existed otherwise.

Burgers here are around $14-$20. Got the double Cheeseburger. Burger was fairly average. Patty was thick, bouncy, though a bit on the dry side. Sauces are standard and turns the lower bun into mush. Nothing very innovative or surprising with the flavours here. They do have other more interesting burgers so if you get a Cheeseburger, this is probably what you should expect. A fairly standard Cheeseburger.

I'll say I've had better burgers elsewhere at the same price. Wouldn't make a special trip down.

The place is outdoor seating without aircon. It can be quite nice since it's next to the swimming pool. But it's also next to the karaoke lounge so you'll have some karaoke background music to go with your meal.

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Came here because of a chope voucher, and enjoyed my experience more than I expected to.

Got the Wilder Western (aged cheddar, bbq, fried onions) and the TrΓ€umer (brie and pesto) beef burgers. The beef burgers here are well done only. Beef patties are well done and bouncy, without being dry. The other stuff they put in the burgers (cheddar, pesto, brie, etc) are all very generously included and good quality. Enjoyed the burgers a lot and would recommend :)

There is al fresco (beside the river) and indoors sitting. Both are great, and interior is decorated beautifully. Ambience is really good for dates, or get-togethers.

Staff are very friendly (granted I came during the off peak hour) and offered attentive and excellent service.

Would definitely return, even without any vouchers or promotions. :)

Creamier's amazing ice creams perhaps need no introduction. Every flavour is done perfectly and I haven't found a reason to complain in my 6187328 visits there. Their 1-for-1 double scoop offers on Tuesdays now is seriously such a good deal!!!! And you get to try more flavours too πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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I generally try to resist this anti-anti-diabetes movement that is happening with the one million new bubble tea shops opening everywhere. But what I can't resist is a good cup of brown sugar boba. So I persist in my search for the best brown sugar boba. πŸ•΅πŸ»β€β™€οΈ After seeing many PR posts on my feed about @muyoosg's dirty drinks series, I decided to try it out for myself. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ I'm ambivalent. πŸ˜– It's hard to resist this if you have a sweet tooth, it's definitely much sweeter than the brown sugar boba from the other shops that I've tried. So sweet that you're drinking brown sugar syrup flavoured with milk, not milk flavoured with brown sugar syrup. If you love ι’θ›™ζ’žε₯Ά for the freshness of the milk too, this isn't for you because the milk flavour is submerged in the intensity of the brown sugar flavour. 🌊 But if you're only drinking ι’θ›™ζ’žε₯Ά because of the brown sugar flavour, you've hit jackpot. πŸ’° The pearls though. They taste like industrial pearls that were soaked in brown sugar syrup. The brown sugar taste is there until you chew down the pearls and realise the pearls don't really have any flavour. These pearls were also unbearably chewy. Great if you like your pearls super chewy but my jaws no stamina to chew. 🦈 It was a good drink without the pearls, but the pearls are everything. If not, I can just easily make some brown sugar syrup at home and buy my own milk. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

πŸ“– http://zhencaneat.blogspot.com/2018/10/muyoo-dirty-brown-sugar-boba-milk.html

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Matchaya's new mystery flavour is unprecedented. Mentaiko. Flavour is really subtle, and this still overwhelmingly tastes like vanilla ice cream. You can kind of taste a slight savouriness and a slight spiciness in the aftertaste, but it's really very slight. This is the kind of flavour you really need to pay attention to what you're eating in order to register it as mentaiko. If not, it just becomes... vanilla ice cream.

Cone: $7.50



I read a lot of good stuff about Donya on my feed and on the usual food websites and I was so excited to try it!!! 🀀 But this was honestly one of the worst meals I've had in a long time. And I've genuinely not felt so demoralised after eating in a long while. ☹️ We tried the Mentai Salmon Don and the Chicken Katsu Don. The Mentai Salmon Don was so dry and the sauce so sour. You would think the generous Aburi Mentai Mayo would patch my bleeding heart from having spent $8.80 on this bowl but some wounds can't be plastered over just like that. It was a torture to finish this bowl of rice and I only finished it because it was so expensive. The Chicken Katsu Don was hopefully a safer choice. But while the chicken was slightly thicker than normal food court katsu dons, the sauce was hopelessly bland and tasteless. The chicken was also rather bland and not well-seasoned at all. Even though it's quite affordable at $5.80, this is a price that makes my soul bleed too considering that the Koufu near my house does better Katsu Dons than this. You know, I really wanted this to be good since I travelled all the way to Toa Payoh for this. But it sucked. And I am incredibly heartbroken and disappointed and angry. πŸ’”