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Flat White, 8 Oz Flat White, very smooth but in the bitter size. 8oz, $6. Great service!
Dirty Ronin ($14+gst) Legit the best sandwich in the world (and I despise sandwiches as a rule). I used to have this weekly as Ronin cafe was near my office, but then tragedy struck when Ronin closed. Due to the current circuit breaker, Gather (same owner) has thankfully resurrected this thing of beauty. Please keep it on the menu forever! 🙏🙏. 💡 : The bread doesn't really survive takeout / delivery well, so best to put it in the toaster oven for a bit before eating.
Burnt Caramel ($14++) If you’re in the mood for some sweet crepes, then try Gather’s Burnt Caramel crepe ($14++). It may be a very simple crepe, but the quality of ingredients used is what makes it stand out from that random crepe stand. Every crepe is freshly made to order and the smell of it reminds you of passing by a crêperie on one of your holidays. The crepe itself is thin, soft and chewy. A pat of Bordier butter, commonly touted to be one of the best butter available, is slathered on the piping hot crepe and allowed to slowly melt. With the generous sprinkles of confectioner’s sugar and burnt caramel sauce drizzled all around the crepe, you may think that it’ll make you feel jelak (feel sick of eating). But rest assured, it’s nothing quite like that. It’s basically salted caramel that isn’t too sweet, slightly salty and has a smoky taste. Although the price is a bit on the high side for what it is, it’s worth a try if this is your first visit here. This is available for takeaway/ delivery during the CB period. So get yours now.
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Homemade Penang Loh Bak Came across the new outpost of Penang Kitchen; with their very original shop space still located within Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah, they had since opened a second space within Far East Plaza taking over the former premises of Tengawa Hokkaido White Curry (or some may be more familiar with the space being the kitchen area of Kra Pow in its previous shop space). Was really impressed with all the items that we had tried, from the Homemade Lo Bak Go (Carrot Cake) to their Penang Char Kway Teow and their Nasi Goreng Kampong Penang. Being yet another item that is made in-house, the Homemade Penang Loh Bak comes with minced pork wrapped in beancurd sheets. Opting for the portion where 2 rolls are served, patrons can also pick the larger portion which comes with 3 rolls instead. Really liked how the beancurd skin wraps the minced pork so tightly; no loose bits of meat here nor would one find the beancurd skin unravelling and causing the whole Loh Bak to end up in a mess. We also enjoyed how savoury these were without being too greasy; carrying a good bite, these came with chestnuts within the filling for a crunch that gives it varying textures. Dipping them into both the chili and malt provided, my heart lies towards the latter for how the sweetness balances out the savoury flavours — a harmonious combination that would never turn out wrong. Whilst prices here are a little higher (closer to $10 for a main) as compared to the eateries at Level 1 or Level 5, Penang Kitchen still works well for a meal on budget in Orchard; most certainly a place I would return to again for more great Pennag fare.
Xing Wei
Herbal Duck Mee Sua
Char Kway Teow
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Chopped Lechon Here’s a throwback to my first lechon (roasted suckling pig) experience at Don Lechon Singapore before the circuit breaker. The crackling skin was so damn bloody crispy while the meat was tender and flavourful with all the fats melting in my mouth. It came served with rice and vinegar dip as well, which helped to cut out some richness from the meats. That said, they are currently doing islandwide delivery via @lalamovesg, do check out their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DonLechonSingapore/ or WhatsApp +65 9778 9737 for more info!
👉Chopped Lechon👈 Just a stone’s throw away from Paya Lebar MRT, @don_lechon_singapore is a hidden food gem, offering authentic Filipino fare at affordable prices. 。 Featured is their famous Spit-Roasted Suckling Pig 🐖 (Lechon), evocative of Sio Bak. Came in abnormally huge chunks, I appreciate how they had a golden ratio of fats to meat. But most importantly, the skin was crackling at every bite and the meat was pretty succulent. Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Mr Digester
I Will Not Come Back Decided to try this place as I had heard that the lechón here was really good. We ordered the lechón sisig and the roasted lechón. The sisig is some kind of finely chopped lechón with an egg on top. Even though this dish did not taste bad, the meat was loaded with tiny bones, which made this dish quite disappointing and unpleasant to eat. The roasted lechon wasn’t anything extraordinary as it lacked flavor and the skin was chewy. The kitchen was very dirty as well. Not a pleasant experience overall.
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My Very Special Birthday Pasta Paccheri - named just like me, and a surprise delivery on my birthday. Beef ragu is one of my favourite classics and its clearly mastered here with the slow braised sauce and cheese! They pivoted well to this wfh, sharing their spotify playlist alongside this box of pasta - an essential part of the pasta experience.
Tagliolini Nero $22/$35 The freshly handmade pasta here is amazing, none more so than the squid ink tagliolini, cooked to a perfect al-dente and served soaking in the briny richness of a bisque reduction. With top shelf Hokkaido scallops, Indonesian squid and Japanese uni gracing the pasta, this is definitely one to order for seafood lovers. Go for the large serving as you’ll definitely want more. Taste: 4/5
What happens when 2 of my favourite pasta places in Singapore decide to have a pop-up? M E D I A P R E V I E W The event sells out in a flash. Yes, even the third date that was added after the initial two were filled, had all its slots taken up faster than a strand of pasta can be slurped. Is it surprising though? I think not. This is after all, the first 4-hands by the home-grown, much-loved Cicheti group that comprises of @cichetirestaurant, @barcicheti @caffecicheti restaurants. And the other pair of hands getting in on the action belongs to none other than Chef Yum Hwa of @benfatto_95, the private dining chef who has an almost-unhealthy obsession (but I applaud him for it!) for traditional Italian pasta. Their menu is collaborative in the truest form, with every one of Chef Yum Hwa’s fresh hand-made pastas cooked by Chef-owner @limyewaun and Team Bar Cicheti in a different lip-smacking sauce to accentuate the uniqueness of each. To top it off, the overarching theme of this pop-up is minimal waste which means they have pushed themselves to think out of the box in mining the possibilities from each ingredient. The truth is, I would not have noticed the theme if it weren’t for it being highlighted by PR extraordinaire @bydanieleng because I did not feel the dishes were in any way forced or “out there”. Nor was the tastiness compromised. On the contrary, I was intrigued by how incredibly delicious and new a couple of their ideas were. Most notably, the second pasta, the Tajarin - its hand-cut strands glistening in a sauce of butter and drippings from the ossobucco (due to appear in the fourth course), and the deconstructed Bread And Butter Pudding by new-ish Group Sous Chef @dylancheong_. This dessert is an almost-misnomer as the lemon, truffle milkshake and upcycled crunchy bits of potato in there were too much of a delightful distraction. To complement the courses served in order from the lightest in flavour to the heaviest, co-owner and sommelier @ronaldkamiyama has curated a few extremely small batch wines. Therefore, due to the limited quantity, do note a couple of the wines at the media preview (and therefore, my video) are stand-ins. Last but not least, can I just say the complimentary housemade bread by @barcicheti is TO DIE FOR?! Apparently, having a carb-laden meal could not stop me and my dining companions from emptying the bread basket twice.
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No, We Will Not Let You Go! Bismillah Briyani is Michelin bib gourmand awarded for their briyani (duh), and of course I had to go see if it was the real life, or if it was just fantasy. The interior decor probably dates back to when the last of the actual bohemians sang a rhapsody, and it really shows. Their signature kid goat briyani is fifteen (!!!) dollars for a regular sized plate. Fifteen? You GOAT to be kidding me, Scaramouche. Yes, all seven sizeable chunks of kid goat were stunningly sapid and tremendously tender, while the rice was felicitously fluffy and shockingly spicy. Still, it’s extremely expensive and not worth the moolah, especially if you’re just a poor boy from a poor family. It’s not the price that is the reason why I’ll never go back, however. No, the food was quite remarkable, so it ain’t that. No, it’s because the most gargantuan fucking cockroach in Little India decided to smugly plop itself on the empty (thankfully) seat opposite me and engage me in a staring contest which it lost. After it scurried away, the putrid fucker actually tried to climb onto my shoe! Mama, I just killed a pest. Put my foot down on its head, squished the bastard, now he’s dead. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how I knew I outstayed my welcome at Bismillah, and it was high time for me to didi mau. Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go. Tl;dr: fuckin bugs man, them bugs are everywhere
Kid Goat Biryani ($15). I feel compelled to saturate my review with synonyms of "aromatic" — this Michelin-affirmed rice possessed it in spades. - Texture-wise, the rice was grainy and avoided greasines, whilst still retaining the right degree of moisture. However, it was that explosion of boisterous spice-laden flavours that stole my heart; paired with chunks of succulent lamb, similarly oozing in rich flavours, it was a satisfying dish to say the least. - The price tag is admittedly steep, but worth a try nonetheless for what is touted as one of the best local authentic Hyderabad style "dum" biryanis. ----- 📍 50 Dunlop St, 209379 ⏱️ (Daily) 11.30am-9pm
Awesome Takeaway - Mutton Biryani 😋 Got this with MealPal. Was expecting the takeaway quality to be slightly lower than eating it freshly prepared at the shop, but I was wrong! Was packed just before I arrived so it was still toasty when I picked it up. When I finally got to eating it, my colleagues were all like "where's that aroma coming from.." and I inevitably had to offer them some haha. That's how good it was even though its a takeaway! This is definitely my go to place for biryani! 🙂 Rating: 5/5
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