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Sandwich starts after 11am so we managed to try the very decadent 3 Cheese ($19). Served on Rosemary loaf which I had previously picked for the Honey Mascarpone toast. Crisp crust, chewy slightly fluffy bread, mild tang and nothing to fault☺️

Using 3 types of cheese, stretchy and incredibly sinful, it was served with.. carrots which I didn’t touch but I appreciate the balanced diet😂/ potential crunchy sweetness that may help to cut through the richness?? Major cheese lover here so I easily finished it but some may find it too jelak I guess - so yep good for sharing (calories).


Not mine but I had a teeny bite of it. The housemade sunflower peanut butter was real tasty, and well complemented with the slightly tart shrub jam; but my sweet-tooth buddy personally found it too sour when paired with the country loaf.


My favorite would be the scone, not too dense and was very fragrant! Wished we had clotted cream and jam the English way😛. The banana bread was a little sweet and denser, so definitely good to share, while the Morning bun was fluffy, flaky, buttery, with a hint of cinnamon.

With a cup of coffee, this plate of three pastries set us back by about $19. Pretty pricey but I’ll definitely be back for the occasional splurge and try their sandwiches!

Sandwiches start at 11am so toast it was. Price was also quite posh (and portion is small) but it was so good! Picked the rosemary sourdough, toasted till crisp while still airy with just a slight tanginess, making it a good complement with the sweet honey and luscious mascarpone, topped with crushed walnuts, bee pollen & a dash of Black Sea salt. 😍


Soft and eggy, (deconstructed if you’d like a atas label to it😂) with butter and sweet kaya served on the side so you can have it however you want😌 Kopi here was quite fragrant too!


Enjoyed the doughnuts from @haritts_singapore, which wasn’t too oily nor sweet. The earl grey one was absolutely fragrant and I liked the slightly bitter filling of the chocolate! Other flavours available include our local delight kaya, cream cheese, original.

Do your own glazing of @boufesg’s signature cake with a special red-and-white edition; and try the super adorable jiggly Rabbit tart (soy milk pudding rabbit on a matcha mousse tart with azuki on a light tart crust)! Plenty of beverage options, and a healthier one too, at @teapulse. Loved the chestnut pearls! Or if you love coffee - try the cold brew tonic at @madecold_coffee !
If you’re a sweet tooth,’s cookie doughs are for you! While I found it a bit too sweet for my liking, the Bandung flavour was light and fragrant. Made with no egg nor raw flour so it’s safe to consume and great for those who like sneaking bites while baking cookies 🤣

In line with Singapore’s 54th birthday, The Pantry is also serving up Ondeh Ondeh Latte available for the whole of this month. It was surprisingly light, with a nice coconut flavour and not too sweet. -

I EAT DESIGN II is available only today and tomorrow (3-4 August) from 12pm till 7pm.

Thank you Naiise for having us and #burpple for extending the invite! 😊


Nothing not to like about this - Juicy patties sandwiched between fluffy brioche buns, double red cheddar cheese with a tangy whipped sauce, pickled cucumber & red onions for a little crunch and tanginess to cut through the richness of the burger.

Jazz it up with add-ons such as sunny side up, portobello mushroom, crispy grilled bacon etc. from $2.50 onwards. Comes with side of chips, pretend to be healthy for salad option @ $3.50😂


We had Tenderloin and Angus Ribeye.

Preferred the latter as it was more tender, but there were still a bit of sinewy parts. Portion was ok for its price though taste-wise it was just decent.

Sides were generally ok (‘cept for the beef fat fried rice which was a little too dry/ undercooked? And it didn’t have the fragrance of beef fat unlike the one I had in Japan😭).

Go for the soft buttery broccoli and cream spinach instead. The mashed potato was the thick and slightly sticky type, I like the fluffy kind but didn’t really mind this so it’s really up to your personal preference.


Created by guest chefs from The Ritz-Carlton Bali, you can be sure that the food here was pretty darn good and needless to say, authentic. You’ll find a good variety of dishes from various parts of Indonesia, and unsurprisingly, the spicy dips were great (also, yay keropoks)! My favourite for the night was the Tum Ayam, a fragrant lemongrass minced meat chicken wrapped in banana leaf (which I don’t have a photo of cos it was so good I couldn’t find it at the buffet line 😂), and the Dadar Gulung! It’s made fresh on the spot - super soft and fragrant from the pandan leaves. For something comforting, try the Sop Buntat (Oxtail Soup). The Indonesian specials are available at Beach Road Kitchen only for a limited period till 27 July. Having said that, their usual International Buffet is also good enough to warrant a visit.

We absolutely loved the cold seafood room, housing plenty of antipasti & seafood - freshness is guaranteed. We kept going back for the razor clams because it was so fresh and plump! For oyster lovers, there’s also plenty to go around and it’s freshly shucked. I also liked the grill section where you can pick the fish available and they’ll grill it on the spot for you - just need to be a little patient. While waiting, munch on the charcoal Grilled Beef Galbi - grilled till crisped at the edges but incredibly tender, or the iberico. Also kept going back to the charcuterie - while the selection was small, it was sufficient for me but I’m always up for anything-cheese.

If you need to feel a little healthier after all they feasting, there’s a vertical salad bar. And for those who love your carbs and local food - there’s a chicken rice section and noodle bar where you can get your laksa. There’s also a gorgeous pizza oven - where they churn out their signature truffle pizza. Wasn’t available when we were there but I guess this means I have to head down again? 😋

Thank you @jwmarriottsg for the warm hospitality and #burpple for the kind invite!


The mama very kindly bought this 葱軋饼 for me as it has always been my favourite Taiwanese snack💕!

Never a fan of overtly sticky nougat but somehow this has always been my favourite Taiwanese snack for its sweet-salty combination.

Apparently only available at Paragon’s Tiger Sugar over this weekend, it is priced at $19.90 a box (12 pcs). The taste of brown sugar was pretty mild, but I liked it wasn’t overly sweet and that the biscuit itself wasn’t too oily.


Was a little daunted by the amount of milk in both but they turned out pretty good!

No option to select your sugar level for Taro as it’s fixed at 50% but it was thankfully not too sweet. We liked how fragrant it was and had bits of real taro for a little texture. I thought it would have been a little jelak but the buddy proved me wrong and finished it all by herself. Having said that, I do think it might be one of the best around - usually it’s disappointingly artificial, but please let me know if you have a good recommendation!

While Taro is nice, my pick would be the Matcha Azuki. Recommended sugar level of 30% and less ice, but I went ahead for 0% (yes I’m the kind of person who drinks 0% sugar level bbt with no pearls most of the time 😂). I loved that it was mildly bittersweet, complemented with a little sweetness from the plump Azuki!

(Edit: brought the mother to try and she enjoyed the matcha azuki! For someone who stays away from sweet stuff, 0% was just right for her😊)


Sought refuge during the crazy opening and this was definitely a good place for a quick break (good cuppa + there’s wireless charging for devices ha)!

Wasn’t sure what to expect for this Heibihiam cream cheese toast - but I liked the combination of savoury heibihiam (it wasn’t spicy though) and mildly sweet cream cheese on a crisp sourdough toast! May not look like much but I surprisingly managed to survive on this and a happy cuppa till dinner time😂

Will definitely be back - the bakes and kuehs look good too!