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The very aesthetically pleasing Olive Oil Yoghurt Lemon Loaf by @Maira.yeo was moist, delightfully zesty and not too sweet. Also a great hit with the folks!

Hop over to her ig for the next preorder (currently closed) - 80% of profits are going to charity and you get yummy bakes while doing good☺️

Had purchased them not for myself previously, so glad I finally got my hands on @maira.yeo’s bakes before she changes menu😄.

Loved that 80% of profit goes to charity (Healthserve & #umbrellainitiativesg), plus the bakes were delish!

Really enjoyed the Candied Ginger & Buckwheat financiers - fun sized but packs a good flavour - moist, fragrant, accented with interesting candied ginger.

The Pecan miso brown butter cookies was also my favourite. Pleasantly savory, chewy with bits of crunchiness from the pecans.

Crackly Chocolate Brownie Cookie was crisp on the edges, this chocolatey goodness is on the sweeter side but the seasalt does help to cut through the sweetness.

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Family and I really enjoyed the pastry box by my favourite home baker @kypatisserie! Each and every piece was satisfying🤗

The fluffy yet moist, buttery and fragrant madeleines (earl grey lemon & oolong orange blossom) were an absolute delight; brookies were delicate, fudgy within and not too sweet with a nice touch of saltiness.

Petite tartlets were good - as always - and happy that I got to try the lychee rose raspberry. The fun-sized tartlet of light lychee rose mousse and a layer of raspberry jelly was gorgeous AND yummy (this deserves to be a giant full sized tart!!). While the caramelised white chocolate was a tad sweet for us, it’d definitely be something those with sweet-tooth will adore.

Hojicha is one of my favourites so I really enjoyed the Choux cream puff! My only gripe is... I WANTED MORE OF IT😛.

Although @kypatisserie is fully sold out for June, hop over and follow for the next update when you can get your hands on these goodies (or any upcoming new items because I’m already 💯 certain it’ll be good hahahaha).


My favourite was definitely the alcoholic latte - Popcorn Quarantini. Reminded me of Bailey’s, wasn’t too sweet and was aromatic! In fact, each cold brew was aptly named - the white was creamy and fragrant; the black was smooooooth.

PS. They’ve just launched two new flavours, Pink Salt Chocolate and Midnight Mocha.

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Definitely one of the most enjoyable stay home meal I’ve had in awhile! Slightly pricey but everything was delicious, surprisingly travelled well. Even the chilli was so darn good.

Unanimous favourite would be the Ayam Panggang. The grilled chicken was tender, smoky and the sauce was fragrant! We also enjoyed the addictively earthy Sotong keluak, which while flavourful, seems milder than most keluak dishes so it’s a good place to start for the uninitiated.

I’ve always loved hee peow soup and chap chye, and the ones here was also undoubtedly good (probably could’ve easily finished it by myself 😛) Ngoh hiang was generously stuffed, juicy and I liked that I could taste the water chestnut! The beef rendang was a tad oily but tender, aromatic and not spicy.

They’re currently waiving 10% off service charge for the month of June.

Really liked the spiced pear chocolate loaf from @TheWhiskingWellsg which was moist but not too dense or sweet😍

White Magic is good as ever. Was also pleasantly surprised by the Sea Salt Chocolate which had citrusy notes to it😻

These tasty brews are going at $38 for a bundle of 6 (instead of $6.9/ bottle), with islandwide delivery available (free for orders over $50).

So glad I chanced upon @kypatisserie’s bakes on ig because these were so good - taste-wise and aesthetically!

Coffee tart was fragrant, light and the smooth coffee cream was surprisingly not cloying.

Strawberry tart, beautifully topped with meringue, was generously filled with sweet strawberry compote using fresh strawberries! Slightly sweeter, but we did enjoy it even though we’re not big on sweets.

Favoritest favourites of the box however, were the Lemon tart and Chocolate-Orange! Very well-balanced of sweet/ zestiness and I particularly liked the addition of candied lemon peel for the lemon tart. Probably can easily finish this by myself and I loved it so much I proceeded to order this for a loved one’s birthday😛 (yes @kypatisserie takes orders for larger tarts too!)

Chocolate-orange (the gorgeous chocolate spires with gold dust✨) was a pleasant citrusy surprise, with smooth ganache and candied orange peels. Good play of texture and we loved that it wasn’t too sweet even with the salted caramel!

Tbh, I’m really simplifying (and not doing justice to) the components of these beautiful tarts because I’m only good at gobbling them up, but this is one of my favourite finds during the Circuit Breaker period!

First time trying Ajiya at the comfort of my own home. May not look like much but if it tastes this satisfying even after traveling to the (far) East, I’d think people staying around there are in luck😛

Ordered 2x Okonomiyaki, which you can pick 3 ingredients from a variety of seafood/ veg/ meat, with add ons such as cheese and even mentai mayo sauce.

Not a garlic person but I loved the garlic fried rice! It was fragrant, sufficiently garlicky (without the presence of garlic bits thank goodness), and buttery, with chunks of prawns. Also pleasantly surprised by the century egg kani tofu and smooth chawanmushi.

This box of very delicious bakes from @thedessertparty was a pleasant surprise!

My family and I liked every one of them - the earl grey lemon tea cake / orange sultana tea cake/ brownie/ hazelnut chocolate & passionfruit meringue tartlets/ sticky date pudding with toffee sauce & chocolate chip speculoos cookie.

My favorites were definitely the brownie and tea cakes - both with citrusy component to it, giving a slight tanginess to the sweet treats! Only gripe was that the cookie was too sweet for us - other than that everything was great!

The fried pomfret, was super crispy you can even eat the tail. Garnished with pomegranate for bursts of sweetness; with a side of thin, salted lotus root crisps.

Lala was undeniably fresh and I loved the sake butter broth! Usually not a fan of garlic but this garlic confit toast was also fantastic, was pretty tempted to check if we could order extras to dip😂