A collaboration with burnt ends, this beef marmalade burger ($20) was amazing!! The beef patty and marmalade were incredibly savoury and the pickles added a bit of sourness to cut through the meat. Unfortunately, it was only available for a short period of time... Do try if it's ever back again!

The salad ($10?) provided a fresh alternative to the otherwise meat-heavy meal. Grilled watermelon didn't seem very grilled and overall quite an average dish, the greens and dressing had a nice tang.

Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of raw vegetables and this dish did little to prove me otherwise.

Comprising a sausage, beef brisket, brisket spring roll, pork belly burnt ends, fries, pickles and cornbread ($35). It was a good variety (esp if you can't make up your mind on what to try!) and reasonably sized for one person.

The beef brisket was smoky and tender, the pork ends sinful and the sausage was meaty, w a hint of spice and a good amount of acidity but my star for the day was the spring roll! Unassuming, but packing a punch of flavour in a crisp shell. They also provided different sauces for the components - sausage, brisket and spring roll so that the flavout combination is paired well.

Do be sure to book your seats to avoid disappointment as its always crowded!

Having had grub's amazing HCG burger before, my eyes lit up when I saw they had a chicken and waffles version of this ($15)! I love my waffles. The serving was generous with two patties of HCG chicken and two triangular slices of waffle. It came with a salad and I chose sambal mayo to go along with it. The chicken was flavourful but quite dry, and over fried. The waffles were not bad and the sweetness of the maple syrup, savouriness and crispness of the chicken was a delightful combination.

Amazing dish! One look at the colour of the broth and you can tell it is packed with tonnes of flavour 😂 it was sweet, savoury and sour all rolled into one! The noodles also absorbed the broth and the texture of the noodles were 👌 Jump straight for the normal sized bowl ($6.90)! We got one pork and one beef noodles and they were generous with the slices of meat and meat balls that came along with it. Also had the moobing (pork skewers) which were mindblowingly tender and the fat just melts away in your mouth. The prawn cakes ($10.50) were also super fresh and fried well!

The ice cream was smooth, creamy, with notes of gula melaka and a touch of saltiness. The coconut flavour was also pretty strong and it felt like I was tasting some chendol. Loved it. The cookie bowl was a little underwhelming and too sweet for me though. But interesting concept!


Loaded cookies and cream ice cream was indeed loaded, better than other C&C's out there which only have small specks of Oreo but this was packed full of cookies which is a huge plus! Waffles were alright, served hot and slightly crisp. This was $9.80 and we used Burpple's one for one which allowed us to mix and match waffles and cookie bowls and brownies.


This skinny pizza had a crisp base, which may have been slightly overcooked, but I'm not complaining. I loved the crispness and crunch it brought in the texture and the mushrooms and truffle is just 👌 amazing. Got this using eatigo's discount so I think it was a steal!


Beef was cooked nicely and bread was toasted (which is always a nice touch). The bacon and onion jam were also good accompanying flavours to the meat. Overall a good satisfying burger. We got it 50% with eatigo so it was pretty worth it!

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Came here a week after my first visit because I was craving some delicious meat but the pasta was sold out so I got the meat platter w some of my friends. The lamb was incredible. I am not a huge fan of lamb due to the strong taste but this was really good and made me forget about the strong taste! Soft and tender and flavourful. Chicken was also juicy and moist. Unfortunately, was slightly disappointed by some of the offerings. The beef was quite tough (unlike the one I had previously as a main) and dry. The duck and sausages were also just okay. My recommendation will be to go straight for the noods or mains and skip this as it is kind of a hit and miss.


We tried the rocher croissant ($5), the taro croissant ($4) and the Mandarin meringue one. I was slightly disappointed as it wasn't as crispy as I had hoped and it was served cold to us. I think after browsing their Instagram page and being wowed by the aethestics there, I was expecting more. Flavour wise, it was alright but perhaps the croissants had already been sitting out for a good part of the day so the overall crossiant experience of crisp hot flaky shell and filling oozing out wasn't quite complete. To be fair we got these around 8pm, so my suggestion will be to get them earlier and reheat them in the oven for a better bite.


This pasta ($14.90) was tossed with a truffle sauce and generous portions of beef. The sauce was creamy and rich, and coats each strand of pasta with its truffle aroma. The beef was also tender and bite sized so you could have one with every spoonful of pasta. Amazing dish!

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