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These tiny pancakes (RM13.90) were simply adorable ! They were served with some gula melaka jam and also stuffed with it on the inside. However, it took us many bites to find the measly portion of jam within the pancake and overall the pancakes were a tad dry and less than fluffy. Would rather go for the Expresso pancake stack!

A stack of fluffy pancakes (RM15) served up with some Expresso for you to pour over. The bitterness of the coffee complemented the sweet pancakes and icecream brilliantly. Highly recommend!

Eggs, bacon, Spanish chorizo, salad, sourdough rye, sauteed mushrooms and avocado ($17). Standard components, average taste and nothing really outstanding. Good for people who like the safe option.

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Do not be fooled by it's unassuming appearance, this dish is definitely something worth trying for brunch apart from the typical English breakfast. The eggs in the bread were runny, and the soft bread was enveloped with cheese melted and slightly browned. The star of the dish was definitely the bacon jam which is something you didn't know you needed in your life till you've tried it. The sweetness of the jam complemented the savoury toast and it was served on a scallop shaped crisp bread crust. An amazing breakfast/ brunch/ lunch for $13!

The vanilla eclair ($8) was not too sweet, with some toasted pecans which added a nice crunch to the patry. The chocolate eclair ($8) could be a bit more bitter and darker, and it was adorned with butter chocolate cookie balls. The ambience was very nice but the pastries are steeply priced. Come if you have Burpples one for one beyond deal.

The assortment of mushrooms were full of flavour and simply delicious. ($16) Paired together with soft slices of bread and arugula leaves, the sandwich left us wanting more!


Packed with pulled pork, ham and cheese, the sandwich was served piping hot with a crisp bun ($16). The pulled pork had a good smoky flavour and the pickle had the right amount of acidity to cut through the heaviness of the meat. Def try with Burpple one for one!

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Comprising of a chorizo sausage, scrambled eggs, mushroom, bacon, toast and avocado, this is definitely a popular dish as many people were happily devouring it when we came. Overall quite a standard dish for a cafe.

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A collaboration with burnt ends, this beef marmalade burger ($20) was amazing!! The beef patty and marmalade were incredibly savoury and the pickles added a bit of sourness to cut through the meat. Unfortunately, it was only available for a short period of time... Do try if it's ever back again!

The salad ($10?) provided a fresh alternative to the otherwise meat-heavy meal. Grilled watermelon didn't seem very grilled and overall quite an average dish, the greens and dressing had a nice tang.

Disclaimer: I'm not a huge fan of raw vegetables and this dish did little to prove me otherwise.

Comprising a sausage, beef brisket, brisket spring roll, pork belly burnt ends, fries, pickles and cornbread ($35). It was a good variety (esp if you can't make up your mind on what to try!) and reasonably sized for one person.

The beef brisket was smoky and tender, the pork ends sinful and the sausage was meaty, w a hint of spice and a good amount of acidity but my star for the day was the spring roll! Unassuming, but packing a punch of flavour in a crisp shell. They also provided different sauces for the components - sausage, brisket and spring roll so that the flavout combination is paired well.

Do be sure to book your seats to avoid disappointment as its always crowded!

Having had grub's amazing HCG burger before, my eyes lit up when I saw they had a chicken and waffles version of this ($15)! I love my waffles. The serving was generous with two patties of HCG chicken and two triangular slices of waffle. It came with a salad and I chose sambal mayo to go along with it. The chicken was flavourful but quite dry, and over fried. The waffles were not bad and the sweetness of the maple syrup, savouriness and crispness of the chicken was a delightful combination.

I went back recently and the chicken was still very much over fried and a very dark brown. Seems like it is not a one off thing. Will not recommend. The standard has dropped alot since it opened. Even the Har Cheong Gai burger was terrible. Among the five patties from the waffles and burger we received, all were a hair away from being blackened and burnt. Extemely disappointed.