From the Burpple community

Singapore local dessert.. Mango sagoo pomelo n grass jelly wif vanila sauce n icecream... Yumm ㅋㅋㅋ 

This cup of hot chocolate reminded me of you... Dont u know that it's a crime to stole someone's heart n pretend like nothing happen... Checking my phone every few mins because of u...

Rive gauche patisserie's chocolate cake.. New cake in the fridge to accompany my cheesecake (>.

Share my life with you... Nite love, where ever you are...

Lets commit the perfect crime... U stole my heart n i'll steal yours.. Sounds like a plan 😉?

One says, what comes from the heart.. Touch other's heart aswell.. Thank you, love this cupcake from a fren of mine..