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Chicken Fresh, Tender, Juicy. Very well roasted. I actually really like this, and will definitely return to try the other flavours.

Galbi sauce was ok, it was not overpowering and the subtle taste of sweetness and garlic matches the chicken so well.

Saw Google reviews not so good, but if u read the bad reviews, it's not due to their Chicken, but moatly due to the waiting time. All Chicken here are oven baked upon order, so it was understandable, but the waiting time was really rather long, almost 20-25mins wait after order.

This Christmas, Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is serving their Christmas specials for two, starting with an appetiser of either the Waldorf salad or cream of cauliflower before a choice of entree which we chose the USDA roasted prime rib served with beef jus and cream horseradish. The main highlight of the meal was beefy and nicely seasoned which is served bone-in and you can gnaw the meat off the bone which has the most flavours. Accompanying sides include sliced honey baked turkey ham that is juicy and tender, baked sweet potato, sautéed wild mushroom that has an umami touch and sautéed haricot verts. End the meal with a dessert of ube tiramisu.

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The Werkx Cafe boasts multiple activities such as leathercraft, candle making, pottery and more! They also sell some small bites as well as coffee which we were glad to try!

We ordered a couple of sweet and savoury options, such as their all famous muffins, sourdough toasts and pastries, as well as coffee drinks. Here are some of our favourites:

1️⃣ Garlic Croissant ($5.30) - the crunch in their croissant is insane! It was really flaky and buttery. The garlic spread comes with garlic chunks that gave so much flavour and umami!

2️⃣ Chocolate Muffin ($6.80) - we were very surprised to find melted chocolate within the muffin, which gave extra richness! It was incredibly chocolatey and I love the top crust of the muffin as it was crispy.

3️⃣ Iced Mocha ($8.50) - I was afraid that I was too sweet, but I'm glad that it wasn't! The aroma of the coffee did complement the chocolate well and it was definitely a smooth cup.

There were also some board games for you to play while you dine here! A cafe to consider in the region. Thank you @thewerkx for the wonderful food and @scalemicroinfluencers for the invitation!

Chill art cafe - @thewerkx !

Situated in River Valley, this art cafe offers a wide variety of creative activities such as candle making, pottery, leather craft, and many more!

You can also visit this place just for the food!

We got the chunky chicken croissant and sourdough toast, which comes with creamy mashed potato. Very delicious! We also got an iced taro latte and tropical iced tea (mango and peach) for the hot weather!

Check out this place to let out your power of creativity!

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There is wok hey and the portion is rather decent for a $5 one. It’s not dry but rather more ‘wet’ which is to my liking
Will definitely go back again

Had our Diwali/Deepavali lunch here. The best thing about this place is the service - friendly and efficient. The tandoris are quite good, the curries and cooked dishes very meh. There are many better and better-value Indian restaurants around.

Had our Diwali/Deepavali lunch here. The best thing about this place is the service - friendly and efficient. The tandoris are quite good, the curries and cooked dishes very meh. There are many better and better-value Indian restaurants around.

This place is popular among the residents nearby for affordable meals.

In case you wasn’t aware, this place has connection with the famous Feng Feng Chicken Rice at Woodlands.

Go for the deluxe single chicken rice set for individual, that comes with the chicken rice, egg, soup and vegetables of the day.

It does seem that spaces dedicated to specialty coffee within beauty parlours are still quite a thing these days — while places like that are rather rare to come across with examples pretty much limited to the likes of the now-defunct Candour Coffee that was located in Manicurious along Beach Road as well as Fahrenheit Coffee which is situated within Spa Club also along Beach Road, such places are still not considered part of the mainstream in the local specialty coffee culture. A new location of a similar nature had recently opened their doors within Robertson Walk along Unity Street; hidden within the second level of the building in a nail parlour named Painted Nail Bar is A Slow Cup — the cafe itself fronts the entire shop within the nail parlour being situated behind the area that has been sectioned off for the cafe, and is open to all and not just limited to the customers of the nail parlour. Given how the cafe is just a component that compliments the operations of the nail parlour, the cafe has a rather small seating area for dine-in; the space being limited to four small tables that are good for two to three pax each — the space being rather simply decked with wooden stools, cushioned benches and features a largely white and grey interior with a ceiling that is painted orange for a bit of visual pop. Considering the set-up of the space, this also means that A Slow Cup does not have a full-sized kitchen to serve hot food items; the only food items available here being the loaf cakes and cookies that are prominently displayed at the counter. For beverages, the main focus at A Slow Cup would be their espresso-based specialty coffee, though the menu does mention about having seasonal selections of Tea by Pot, as well as non-coffee drinks such as drinking chocolate, Chai Latte and a Babycino.

Skimming through the bakes which they have to offer, we note that there were only three items that one could opt for when we made our visit to A Slow Cup — patrons can either go for the Marble Carob Loaf Cake, Sourdough Walnut Banana Loaf Cake, or the Double Chocolate Cookie. We found ourselves opting for the Marble Carob Loaf Cake since it was the simplest item of the lot — this also seem to be the item that we were also craving for. Warmed up upon ordering, the Marble Carob Loaf Cake might look like a simple butter cake but we really absolutely loved the crusty exterior that comes with it when we had our first forkful for the cake. Inside, the cake comes with buttery notes with hints of chocolate that perfumes the taste buds as one lands their fork into a section that consist of both parts. Our Flat White is being brewed using their signature blend of beans which they dub as the Mellow Magic — the Colombian beans being of Brazilian origin, and is said to come with a flavour profile of stone fruits, Demerera Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Milk and Caramel. While our cuppa did come all creamy and smooth, it was one which we found to be a bit more on the milkier side; one with a light body and more suited for a mid-day cuppa — a cuppa with a earthy flavour profile in general. The various bakes at A Slow Cup are priced between $5 to $7; the various specialty coffee offerings being listed at $4 for an espresso all the way to $6.50 for an Iced Mocha — one can definitely say that the prices for the drinks and bakes at A Slow Cup are pretty much reasonable when compared across other establishments of a similar nature. For those looking for a small space to stop over for specialty coffee around the Fort Canning neighbourhood; A Slow Cup does provide some peace and solace with a cuppa as long as it does not get overly crowded once it gets discovered on social media.

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Boon Tong Kee is 1 of my favourite kway chap store.

Their duck meat is tender.

The intestines were flavourful.

The pig skin was bouncy, and jellylicious.

The Braised sauce was good and goes well with all their meats

And there are 3 types of chilli to choose from. All also goes well with the braised meats.

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The noodles were p springy, somewhat like those HK style crystal noodles but not as thin. They were dressed in a light but savoury-sweet sauce, with either shallots/garlic that makes it quite fragrant and tasty.

Char siew is quite sweet, lean but not rly dry, somewhat a bit like bak kwa? But not as hard. Was better than expected because visually it was too brightly red for my liking.

Wanton soup is quite nice, had that comforting, classic wanton soup taste. Wanton skins were slippery smooth, but filling was ok, not particularly flavourful. The fried wanton was v crunchy, preferred this!

Overall I quite liked it and would revisit/recommend :)

al dente pasta with mild white wine flavour
strong prawnish smell and taste but prawns are rather dry

(1 for 1 mains after 5pm daily)