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Booked reservation first. Item came quite fast. Tastes quite good their food. Add on another $33 for Moet Mini. Is their high tea promotion for 2 pax. Service are well too. Recommended to visit. I'll definitely visit them again. 👍🏻

For those in the know, Liang Court used to be a great hidden spot for Japanese food. Since its closure, Meidi-ya and some of these food joints have moved to the revamped Great World City.

Roman.Tei is one of the few Japanese eateries housed in &Joy Dining Hall, specializing in beef steaks.

@jooeunchung loves their wagyu jyo karubi or beef short rib served with yakinoku sauce, garlic chips and wasabi. The meat was tender, well marinated and grilled well. And best of all, it costs merely $25.

I on the other hand, had their double beef jyu as I couldn't make up my mind between sliced beef and beef streak. I found the beef steak a little on the tough side due to the cut used but their sliced beef was great.

Been awhile since I had this Char Kway Teow and I’m happy to report that its standard is still gold! Wok hei is very prominent in each bite of the noodles, while the sweet and smoky lup cheong paired so well with the fresh cockles! All this for only $4 per plate too – look at that generous portion! All in all, a plate of Char Kway Teow worthy of all the calories!

Strawberry lychee & Bear financier. Not too sweet as well.

Truffle mushroom w cream base thin pizza- super 💕 for truffle/mushrooms lovers
Kalasan chicken rice- authentic food and chicken is tender:)
A place to go many trips as they consist of diff small companies selling diff culture of food

the pulled beef was too rich and overwhelming, always getting stuck in the tooth. The salmon portion was generous and the eggs were really runny and good. One problem is that the combination of the large portion of salmon and egg makes the dish too rich and overwhelming. It also made the dish a tad too salty.

An assortment of vegetables (kale, broccoli, asparagus and peas) topped with egg white and crumbs! Although this is pretty overpriced at $24++, we love it because it feels like a healthier way to start the day! Note that the vegetables are not served plain, and they are immersed in a lightly-salted gravy which gives the dish more flavour. Do come here early on weekends as the queue can be pretty unforgiving; and they dont take reservations!

Well balanced spicy, tangy, savoury dish. The penne had bits of sauce inside was a bursting of flavour. The pork chorizo was just perfect, excellent fat to meat ration. Juicy with each bite. $20.

100 Days Grain Fed Ribeye Steak with Mushroom Sauce. $32

Tender juicy piece. Each bite was loaded with flavour of the natural beef taste. Little bits of fat perfectly distributed about the steak. Nothing less from a ribeye. Just delicious.

Believe it or not, this is my first time to Starter Lab ever since I heard of them (which was when they opened) 😅

On a rare off-day, this bustling bakery sits along an old neighbourhood but serves up simple yet tasty combinations of toasts.

With their assorted of bread options, ranging from seeded to fruity ones, you can choose to dine in or take-away your loaf choices.

Their Honeyed Mascarpone is made of rosemary toast (recommended pairing) topped with homemade mascarpone, honey from The Rare Honey Co, crushed walnuts & black sea salt. What you get is a sweet yet savoury combination of flavours, with an added crunch from the crushed walnuts. It's so so tasty & can be washed down with a side of white coffee.

Second meal out last weekend since the easing of P3HA, at one of my favorite place! This is the first time we’ve dined in here (been ordering delivery the past few times) and I think it travels quite well.

Decided to try Bakwan Kepiting ($7) which was a simple soup with minced meat/crabmeat meatballs - while the soup was comforting, I wasn’t a fan of the meatballs as the porky taste was pretty strong. Also ordered Gado Gado ($12), Otak Otak (a tad pricey at $4 a piece); and tried the curry vegetables - which I absolutely loved! Lemak and not overly spicy for that right amount of enjoyment. And of course we had to get the Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger”. We also had Beef Rendang and Sotong Keluak to go - was damn good too! 😋

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Tender, mild smokiness and flavourfully marinated with a medley of spices. Definitely one of my favorites from TBG.