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Xiao wan mian ($4.50)

Noodles cooked just nice, ingredients were nice as well. Always come back for this!

Really awesome portion of Lor Mee.
Priced at $4, value for money.
Highly recommended!


Impress your lunch date at this Japanese restaurant along Robertson Quay. Expect quality, dashi-based dishes that will knock your socks off, such as the Beef Sukiyaki Udon ($18) featuring sukiyaki beef slices, al dente udon and a poached egg sitting in a tasty dashi broth. Good for sharing is the tender Grilled Wagyu Beef ($48) and the luxurious Gindara Saikyo Yaki ($38) – grilled silver cod fish paired with white miso.
Photo by Burppler Kenneth Lee

Double fish thick beehoon soup ($4.50)

Fish is fresh and generous. Soup is naturally sweet. Very very good, always return for this.

Most might form an impression that vegetarians is all about mock meat, but that’s not true. @ElemenSG uses natural ingredients and superfood, bringing delicious and wholesome meatless dishes to the table.

Elemen Classic menu includes all the popular and beloved dishes of Elemen, plus new outlet exclusive dishes like:
* Double-boiled Cordyceps Flower with Peach Gum in Superior Soup 虫草桃胶炖汤 ($10.80)
* Truffle Broth Ramen 松露拉面 ($14.80)
* Kale Tofu with Wild Rice 羽衣甘蓝豆腐竹筒饭($15.80)
* Stir-fried Brown Rice with Preserved Bean Curd 腐乳糙米炒饭 ($16.80)
* Laksa Fettucine 叻沙意面 ($16.80)

Guests can choose to order a la carte dishes, or indulge in the six-course ($28.80/person) or eight-course sets ($32.80/person)

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The recently-reopened Grand Shanghai Restaurant is the equivalent of that glamorous friend who has a flair for the dramatic, lurrrrves bling and has no qualms being the most overdressed person in a room. In other words, #extra is their middle name. And this applies to everything from the decor to the “live” music (both of which reflect the golden age of Shanghai in the 1930’s) to the dishes we got to try. Anchoring all of these is what we found most heartwarming - the low-key but sincere, attentive service.
Helmed by new Master Chef Jacky Tang who has almost three decades of experience in restaurants in Singapore and China, the menu is centred on Shanghainese specialties that have been adapted with modern culinary techniques for local palates. Here’s a rundown of what we got to try:

1. Abalone with pomelo and sake jelly: A Japanese touch for the first course, it is rather adventurous in taste.

2. “Light & Shadow” crispy duck: Displayed on a caramel sculpture, the slow-oven-baked, paper-thin French duck crisps were addictive. So too the dehydrated lotus root. Limited quantities are produced each day so you ought to call ahead to reserve.

3. Cold dish combination: The drunken chicken prepared with a 10-year-aged wine, Shanghainese chilled crystal pork and braised wheat gluten with mushroom and fungi, were executed well.

4. Deepfried glutinous dumpling stuffed with fresh crab meat and crab roe: A good mix of flavours and textures. I like the mochi-like texture beneath the crunchy sesame seed-speckled exterior especially.

5. Crispy smoked duck: We found the intensely smoky aroma of the crispy skin and tender meat highly appealing. Good on its own or snuggled between the soft steamed buns.

6. Steamed cod in Chinese rice wine: Looks simple but it was a hot favourite.

7. Fried string beans: The minced pork and Sakura shrimp added mouthwatering tastiness to the crunchy vegetable.

8. Shanghainese fried rice: I have long had a soft spot for the combo of rice with diced Yunnan ham and plentiful green vegetables.

9. Duo of dessert: The soufflé egg white ball with soft pieces of banana and red bean paste was atypical but scrumptious. Flecked with gold leaf and wolfberry, the osmanthus jelly proved lovely as well.

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I saw so many people ordering this, and knew that I should get it as well! And it did not disappoint!! 😋 True to it’s name, the pancakes were really fluffy and moist. I liked the added crunch of the caramelised walnuts and crumbles. The salted caramel sauce added a nice finishing touch as well 👍🏼

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Rly unassuming dish, didn’t expect much but woah the BKT was really amazing. Very robust n flavourful n the soup was rather thick, while the pork ribs were tender n fall off the bone, all while maintaining its characteristic good bite. Eat it w youtiao wowza fantastico a v pleasant surprise

A single origin, Catuai variety from Myanmar.
Processed Natural, with Flavour of Cherry, star anise, orange peel
Creamy Body & Winey Finish.
#wheretoeatsg #eatmoresg
#burpple #burpplesg

Second time back to Toby’s Estate at Robertson Quay. We had Brekkie of Champion $25 and Toby’s French Toast $14, coupled with great coffee. They have 1 for 1 deals if you have Entertainer.

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Same same but different

Those who know me call me names - like the food expert or the walking food guide and I do take my food very very seriously - that includes going only to certain outlets for certain food .

I would travel down to valley point , nam kee for my red bean pau and insist that I only have it here after countless unpleasant experience at their other kiosks island wide .

This is quintessentially the “ central kitchen “ of nam kee pau where you see the pau chefs in kitchen .

The pau here is soft , plump and fresh - quite different from their Tangs foodcourt outlet where I had paus With very soaking wet bottoms ( due to over steaming ) or the paus I had at their duo outlet which have very bumpy skin/ torn skin ( likely kept overnight ) and are hard and dry .

Since you pay the same price , why not get the best ?

Right ?

肉脞面 or Bak Chor Mee.
This satisfying bowl is the $4 portion.
Savoury every slurp.
Added some chilli so shiok.
Really value for money.