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Under small plates. Pork collar, 24-hour sous vide, barbecued sweet & savoury caramelised finish

Honestly, this was nothing special. Tasted just like regular char siew 馃槄


Canap茅 cups with braised pulled duck, burdock salad & truffle mash filling.

Didn鈥檛 feel like the components came together, they were mainly separated and the braised duck was dry. They have the traditional option as well. Ordering this dish was like taking a leap of faith that did not pay off. 馃槗


This was very popular amongst us that evening. This plate of salmon sashimi is creamed generously with avocado and filled with bits of ikura, and I think it was genius of Chef Bryce to add slices of crunchy garlic chips and tempura bits. The added texture and roasted scent made this a standout from other carpaccio dishes I鈥檝e tried.
This is large enough as an appetizer to share between at least 2 person, but I鈥檓 thinking that I could have it all to myself as a healthy main course too.
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Cooked With cherry tomatoes , garlic , white wine and chilli.
Generous of lobster meat, sauce taste really good, but the pasta overcooked.
Overall good dish. 馃挋
All pasta are made fresh daily in house.
@publico_sg currently have promotion for lunch set :
馃挄2 courses for $30.
From Antipasti, Bruschetta, Insalata, Zuppa, Primi/Pizza and Dolci.
馃挄3 courses for $35.
Choose one item from Antipasti, Bruschetta, Insalata, Zuppa, One item from Primi/Pizza and one item from Dolci. 馃挄
1 Nanson Road, Singapore.

Thank you @foodgemsg For bring me along.

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Second time having this and this time it was lacked of Chili so it was less flavourful. If not, it鈥檚 still my favourite chicken breast in Singapore. If only this was slightly cheaper or if I could make this a home the same way, I don鈥檛 mind having this for lunch all the time. Try it cause it鈥檚 really yummy!! Wasn鈥檛 spicy at all too. Do you prefer chicken thigh or breast?

馃搷 : @commonmancoffee
馃挼 : $25
馃憚 : Will you return? Yes! My second time having this and will continue to order
馃専 : Tips - this dish is served from 11 am to 5.30pm

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Chef Bryce @brycelimg13 has done the unthinkable, and it actually works. I think this is the first rojak toast in Singapore?
If we think about it again, it's actually not all that weird. In a classic rojak you have this shrimp paste with all the fruits and youtiao (fried fritters). With the toast as crispy as this, it actually took the place of youtiao in a rojak. Perhaps what was more unusual was the addition of a coconut/vanilla ice cream.

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Situated at Wanderlust Hotel, the gorgeous restored conserved building built in 1895. Helmed by mod-Sin cuisine creator and chef owner of Wild Rocket, Po restaurant takes you on an nostalgic adventure inspired by the local classics.

Ordered the classic set - comes with 4 skins, classic toppings & condiments (1-2 persons)

To sprinkle: eggs, crushed peanuts, crispy flatfish, crispy shallots, coriander sprigs, beansprouts

To taste: housemade chili sauce, sweet sauce, freshly ground garlic

Other available options other than classic set
1) Prawn set - classic platter with fresh tiger prawns
2) fresh flower crab set - classic platter with handpicked flower crabmeat


This is a lot more filing than it looks! Popiah skins are freshly handmade with wheat flour, slightly thicker than the usual. And the filling is pretty interesting making up of pork, shrimp, jicama, carrots, peas and bamboo shoots.

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