From the Burpple community

Though I often frequent the outlet at Harbourfront Centre, this was the first time I’ve visited the one at Bugis Junction food court. The staff are really proactive at calling out to customers to buy soup, and are quite friendly too.

I was a bit lost with the menu here as it’s slightly different from what the HFC branch offers. I believe the regular herbal chicken soup that I usually order there has been replaced with black chicken at this outlet, and the herbal chicken soup I ended up ordering comes with a different mix of herbs as well as white fungus. I believe that this outlet might be better stocked as it was around 8.40pm but they still had enough of this soup and pumpkin rice (it was close to closing time due to earlier closing hours at 9pm a la COVID19 measures).

The chicken wasn’t as tender as what I’d hoped, but it still wasn’t bad. The soup had a sweeter, more mellow taste than what I usually get at HFC, but I enjoyed the taste just as much! Love the pumpkin rice here too, its as flavourful as I remembered, and the pumpkin is moist and mashed, with a few chunks still evident in the rice.

*note: if you have the stamp card from other outlets, remember to get stamps from this outlet too!

*how to save: the whole food court is FavePay friendly so feel free to use FavePay and get cashback at any of the other food court stalls too! :)