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Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, ...

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Min 3 pieces

Radish was quite juicy. Abit fibrous though

Seaweed was good

Meatballs were firm, they burst properly and the filling was juicy

Having just had oden from an izakaya, I would say the difference is perceptible, but honestly in terms of umami the difference is not that great and this is much much more value for money

I decided to go budget for set meal as I decided to get meatless minestrone soup (not bad but quite waterish), chicken ham & cheese sandwich (really don't like tomato and overall i did enjoy sandwich) and bottled water ($9.90) and also free soup samples (lobster bits) I didn't aware abt it until I saw receipt lol.

Another one of my must claim birthday freebies is SOUP SPOON!

It used to be a free $5 voucher with no minimum spending, but now there is a required minimum spending of $15 in order to redeem the voucher.

The free $5 birthday voucher can be used for dining in or takeaway. To order, you will need to either order from the mobile app and apply the birthday voucher, or use the kiosk and scan your mobile app e-card.

If you do not wish to order a heavy filling set, best to get a dining buddy along to order 2 ala carte soups!

My favourite soup is the VELVETY MUSHROOM STROGANOFF ($9.10)! Always order this soup 75% of the times! (The other times I will opt for the boston clam chowder soup for the SG Chicken & Mushroom Ragout.)

This time round, decided to be adventurous, and got the new souperchef special Chicken Cacciatore with Portobello and Sage ($9.50)! The only difference between this and SG Chicken and Mushroom Ragout is that the latter has some pasta in it.

But still, all time favourite mushroom soup triumphs!

Pigtail was incredibly tender, this was quite lovely(light tho)

The Seafood Thick Soup here is Thick and so flavourful.

The Grouper Fish slices tasted so soft and so fresh, prawns were fresh also.

The minced pork also damn good.

And the chilli provided compliments the seafood so well. It was tangy flavoured.

We also had the fish soup, which was ok, but once u go seafood soup, u just lose interest in the normal fish soup.

Pumpkin rice also good, very fragrant.


Major craving for soup yesterday and was grateful to be able to catch this (their timing doesn’t usually coincide with mine). Excellent value for money still. Does anyone know if this is the same as the restaurant chain of the same name in Marina square? Feel like this is tastier & the price difference..!

Gourmet paradise food court @ toa payoh bus interchange, tpy central

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Was a frequent customer back when they were located at Tampines Street 81. The store owner used to have his own urban farm where he grow his own vegetable previously.

So his food here, are all very healthy conscious type. No white rice served here.

Their fish have always been fresh. Each order of fish soup comes with your choice of 2 vegetables, which are all on display at the front of the shop.

What I also like about this shop, is its wide array of sauces to choose from, all of which was concocted by the owner. So just take a few to try, to see which suits your taste buds the most.

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Love the varieties of different soup options available here! Really enjoyed this yong tau fu soup that was generous with the ingredients and super tasty!

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Tried their crayfish seafood soup which was succulent and soft. Sweet juicy crayfish that complimented the savoury seafood broth

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ordered the seafood soup and braised duck. the seafood was very fresh and soup was very flavourful. the duck was slightly overcooked but surprisingly yummy as well

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Had the red grouper fish soup and yong tau foo. All ingredients were prepped amazingly well, fish was super fresh and soft with zero fishy taste, although the ingredients for the ytf could have been tastier. Really delicious broth and homely taste!

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I ordered the Red Grouper Fish Soup (Big) ($14.50) that comes with minced pork. The soup was really flavourful and has a rich seafood taste. The ingredients were fresh and generous too. Overall it’s a very hearty bowl of soup, and perfect for rainy cold weather 👍🏻😄

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