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Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, ...

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It's not as good as I remembered, but decent soup during cold, rainy days.

Do prefer the goulash / chicken and mushroom soup than this.

The crust, though thick and tart, wasn't really chewy nor open crumb enough for me to fully appreciate the sourdough. I found that the uniqueness of this pizza lies not really in the crust but the fact that cheese was drizzled with honey. Never have I tried sweet gorgonzola but I must say it is a fine concoction!

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I've never tried Gumbo before so I wasn't sure what to expect out of this quintessential Louisianan dish. Well, since the owner of the restaurant also owns soup spoon, I thought I'd give it a try.

Again, the soup base was quite thin but surprisingly strongly flavoured. The chicken and sausages probably contributed to the highly umami taste, and we scraped up every last bit with the accompanying sourdough.

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The sourdough pasta was really firm, just a smidge above al dente but I'm not complaining. Also note that the sauce was a bit thin but I could overlook it with all that tender meat and sweet cherry tomatoes.

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The soup ($8.8++) gave me a pleasant surprise with the kick from the pepper and garlic taste; totally love it! The ribs was also tender as expected and you can ask the staff to refill your soup too. But the kiam chai ($3.8++) was too sweet for my liking and seems to have not been preserved long enough.
Overall it's great food and totally worth it for the price and the queue. Will totally come back to try their premium loin soup

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One popular restaurant in Singapore for their variety of soups. Each of the soups got its own benefits to our body.

For something to nourishing your stomach and skin, they would recommend this Gingko Nut Pork Tripe Soup.

Lots of pork belly in the soup and the soup tasted creamy and strong.

In front of Chef Sham’s stall is a humongous pot of soup that is hard to miss. The soup is cooking constantly, extracting the essence of the chicken, pig soup and fish maw all at once. It is evident that the soup has been carefully boiled for long hours by the milky colour of the soup.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/chef-sham-vinegar-pork-trotters-fish-maw-pig-stomach-chicken-soup/

Personally not the biggest fan, it's very soft, hardly any bite, but there's this pull to it. But for free refills of soup it's worth it if you're not getting the meat

It's alright, I'm not sure why it's so rare both the Clarke quay outlet and Chinatown outlet didn't have this cut last I went

Jem's soup is abit more clear and less deep than the other two branches, I think.

This was really sumptuous and chock full of clams and flavour. Couldn't stop devouring the bread bowl even after the soup was quickly slurped up. Loved the arugula and sweet vinaigrette too.

A new player in 📍Punggol, Anna's is a riverside cafe with an indoors and alfresco section. I really enjoyed the ambience here on a lazy Sunday afternoon! By the owners of soup spoon, the cafe focuses on sourdough selections. Come by after 5pm for their extended dinner menu.

I'd say this is one of the more unique big breakfasts I've had and it's because of the absolutely delicious chewy cheesy sourdough and cultured butter that came with it. The sourdough really is the kind that leaves a tart flavour in your mouth!

As for the butter flavour, you could choose between options sun-dried tomatoes, black garlic, and cocoa sea salt.
Minused a few points because of the baked beans, which tasted like canned beans despite their claim that they're housemade, and the mushrooms which were too peppery. Falafel was a bit dry too.