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Ah, fish soup. This go-to hawker dish always hits the spot when we're looking for a healthy-ish, ...

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Pictured above - French Onion (left) and Tomato (right) soup. The French Onion soup was really quite salty but it was tasty. The tomato soup was creamy and so comforting. We enjoyed them both. The popiah was not bad too.

$8.50 for this set is pretty okay, and the Beyond 1-for-1 makes it a definite steal. Serving time is quick and this is great for a quick meal if you’re not too hungry.

combo B: mushroom soup + thai sweet chicken popiah + hot green tea ($9.80)

food is slightly pricey without the burpple deal

i love their food because it’s very light and great if you’re looking for a quick bite. the herbaceous soup stood out the most to me as it was flavourful despite having a relatively thin consistency!!

This month they have the $12.90 Be Fit & Fab Salad Meal that comes with choice is soup, small kale salad and iced tea.

I also took the opportunity to try on their monthly special, Chicken Gumbo. A recipe spiced with whole chicken, then coated with flour, deep fried and cooked in a peppery stew. Which is why you will get a strong taste of peppery in the soup.

The pot pie was a flaky pastry served on top of the soup. It vaguely reminded me of prata, but a less oily version. The pastry had a buttery taste, and was soft on the inside with a gentle crisp on the outside.

The beef goulash itself was delicious, consisting of a tangy tomato-based broth with tender pieces of beef and various vegetables. The pot pie was the perfect accompaniment as it soaked up the soup wonderfully, while still retaining its flaky texture.

The pot pie set also came with a fresh salad on the side and a drink.

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A thick and creamy stew with a generous amount of ingredients including big chunks of chicken and mushrooms, pieces of penne pasta, and vegetables. The dollop of sour cream added an additional layer of richness to the stew, which on its own, makes for a satisfying and filling meal.

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Quite a quaint little place, and great on a cold rainy day. We had the gochujang stew and the bean paste stew, along with the rest of the things in the set. It wasn’t too bad! The girl that served us was the chef, server, order-taker and cleaner, so kudos to her :) even though one part of the order was wrong but who cares, she’s trying her best, as we all are. Every ingredient was measured out carefully for the stews so you know you’re getting consistent quality. Would come back at night when it’s less crowded again!

P.S. The honeydew ice cream is fab.


Ordered army stew and beanpaste stew (one for one burpple beyond set). Set supposed to come with ice cream for $16.40 but they ran out of ice cream, rice, noodles so we paid that same price for the stews itself and drinks. Stew was supposed to be large size but was actually TINY. I normally eat very little but I left hungry. Even ingredients like tofu is very very little compared to most Korean places. Had to go get another dinner somewhere else later. Taste so-so. Not sure how food will be enough for men...?

Used the burpple medium soup and mini bun deal ($6.40). Both soups tasted good, they were the lighter versions of soup spoon so less filling as well.

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I’m so happy to see The Soup Spoon finally open in Woodlands. And even better when they are here during this cozy weather, where I could grab some warm soup that close to my house; without the need to travel far.

This month special they have the beef stew coaxed with aromatics, fresh herbs, tomatoes and white beans, Match perfectly with the bread and red rice.


HMM why is there only a picture of ice cream? what happened to the stew? HAHAH it’s bc the food was soooo gddd that they entered our stomachs before we could take a pic :) we had the $16.40 nett burpple set with 2 stews, 2 bowls of rice, 2 canned drinks and 2 ice cream. the place & owner looked rather unassuming, leaving us without much expectations, but let’s just say till today, we are wholly surprised we managed to finish every single drop of both stews :o we chose “chili bae” and “og kim” for our stews. “og kim” was like a standard kimchi broth, where the spice level & ingredients inside were all just right. the standout of the night however had to be “chili bae”. it's a gochujang broth but in addition to the spice (which is not that much tbh), there was this special savoury-ness taste to it. coupled with the beef & mushroom, the stew was a unique, wholesome dish - idk how else to describe it, just try it for yourself! the staff were also really friendly and kind - i think we were served by a korean guy :)) the only downside is the limited seats available. i’m sorry that this photo really doesn't do justice to the amazing experience we had, so just come down and give it a try!