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A pasta salad, with a mix of fusilli pasta noodles, dried cranberries, sun-dried tomatoes, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, corn kernels, and herb chicken.
This has bright juicy chewy tender soft textures, with bold vegetal fruity sweet savoury flavour. Very nice.
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Pretty average BKT. Spareribs portion is small with only 2 pieces. Meat was tender tho.

Preserved veg tastes spoilt.

First serving of soup wasn’t too bad but refills were just pepper water.

We had their normal spare ribs instead of the special dragon bone. Some parts of the rib meat is quite tough tho. The inner parts were overcooked and slightly smaller as compared to the previous time i was there. Pig trotter was still acceptable, meat is tender. Standard is not consistant.

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This bowl of fish noodles was indeed a comforting bowl to consume on a rainy evening. Fishes were sliced in generous portions, amidst a bunch of thick white springy bee hoon tangled with strands of spinach. The broth was milky, sweet and savoury. Topped with shredded fried egg accompanied with a spicy garlicky sauce. A dish that cannot be missed 👅👅👅

$8.5 for this bowl of goodness. $6.5 is the cheapest option. $0.5 for rice. thumbs up for the soup and minced meat. Always consistently good 👍🏻

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absolutely loved the soup here and I must say it was heaps better than the soup from a certain eating place which as the word spoon in their name. We had the mushroom soup and chicken potato soup which were ultra comforting and delicious. For the popiah, we each had the sweet Thai chicken and sesame chicken, both of which were a nice innovative twist to your regular popiah and lovely to have. The genmaicha which comes with the set was also yummy and comforting, loved the roasted rice bits in the tea which gave it an aromatic flavour. Overall, Super worth it with burpple one for one as we each paid about $5.20! #food #foodphotography #foodie #burpple #sgfoodies #singapore #foodporn #sgfood #foodsg #sg #sgfoodie #noms #nom #eats #sgeats #burpplesg #soup #mushroom #mushroomsoup #popiah #wrap #tea #greentea #comfortfood #noms #nom #nyam #burpplebeyond

It comes with prawns, slice fish, fish maw and minced pork. The tomato makes the soup slightly tangy. Suitable for those who wants to avoid carb and yet want something flavorful. $8.50

The juicy, fishy meatballs possessed a solefish-esque aged quality, while elsewhere the seafood soup played it like a conservative lobster bisque with a salted egg personality and the dory fell apart more readily than Carrie Bradshaw in a bad Sex And the City episode. 3.8/5


Roasted pumpkin soup (M) $6.90
Tangy tomato basil soup (M) $6.90


It’s been a while since I had my favourite set lunch ($18) at Herbal Oasis, which comprises of soup, side dish and rice of your choice. The Qi Tonic Chicken Soup is sweet with herbal/bitter undertones, which gives it a very well balanced taste. The chicken is very tender as well. The bitter gourd omelette is crisp, light and the sweet goji berries in the omelette neutralise the slight bitterness of the thinly sliced bitter gourd. Completed my meal with a delicious bowl of sweet potato brown rice. Soul Food Soul Good😌

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Yes, and that’s b’cos Yan Ji from Woodlands has opened a branch at Far East Plaza, closer to the heart of SG.
With just a humble outlet, it offered its good old seafood soup with a range of ingredients at varying prices. I went for the bowl with large Grouper fish slices at $14. Ex at initial thought, but this was actually quite worth it for those fresh sliced fish together with more fresh and big prawns in that delicious soup.
The colour of the soup suggested it all. Flavourful and sweet from the seafood richness. Their huge Bak Chor made the soup so satisfying and complete. Comparing it to a bowl of Japanese ramen at similar or higher price, I’d pick this for our very own local hawker pride while in Orchard Road.

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