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Coffee Pork Ribs

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If Keng Eng Kee Seafood's coffee pork ribs is love, then this Coffee Pork Burger at their Pandan Gardens outlet totally got my flow. Newly introduced as part of their Wok Hei Burger menu which features Marmite Chicken, Pai Gu Wang and well, Salted Egg Chicken/Pork Burgers (all of them at only $9 nett!), this sees a combination of their signature Coffee Pork Ribs in the form of a burger. Expect two light and fluffy buns with fresh lettuce, tomato and a boneless pork patty sandwiched in between; the pork patty prepared fresh every order and the same way that their Pork Ribs are made — a lightly crisp exterior coated in their sticky, aromatic and mildly sweet coffee sauce; oh-so-good. I didn't come expecting much from the fries, but they were decently seasoned with ample salt for flavour. Chili sauce comes at the side as a dip for the fries, but if you are as big a fan of Keng Eng Kee's coffee sauce you would end up dipping all of them in the remnants of the sauce that dripped out of the burger. I might be biased on this one for my pure love for their Coffee Pork Ribs, but I think I found THE burger that I need.