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Brunch Plate 1

$20.00 · 2 Reviews

A fluffy, towering block of omelette, wedged with potatoes and accompanied by cherry tomatoes, bacon, rhubarb compote, brie (!!), cream cheese and homemade caramel. Appreciate the homemade sourdough but the pork crackling was way too crackly and dry. Great location for a quiet and calm weekend brunch (but only if you go early, like 11ish).

Seriously in love with the Danish omelette. Looks almost like cheesecake, doesn't it?? Stuffed with potatoes and topped with what was supposed to be bacon (they ran out and gave smoked salmon instead, not complaining), this is certainly a treat you're not gonna get elsewhere. Massive love for their sourdough + rhubarb compote + homemade caramel that comes with this too!