Best Breakfast & Brunch Food

Best Breakfast & Brunch Food

Some of my favourite places for food on the weekend!
Jayne Tan
Jayne Tan

Savoury beans cooked down with spices and topped with a fried egg. The crusty bread was nice to dip and eat it with.

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This is so damn good. Have this and maybe a slice of something sweet and you’ve got a killer brunch for 2. The flatbread is so nicely grilled and the grooves are perfect for holding little pools of pesto. The burratina is a lovely little indulgence.


My go-to order for brunch when not sharing. Cool, smooth ricotta + bursting roasted toms + baby spinach + shredded basil on a nicely toasted slice of sourdough and olive oil = satisfaction.


Yes! They’re now serving bagels on weekday mornings. Both plain and this flavour are available, along with cream cheese or PB&J spreads. Go try them, they have a nice bouncy texture and a good tang.


I have to say that this was strange, but I liked it! I can't quite explain why, perhaps it's cos I enjoyed each component and have never had anything like it before. The avocado "smoothie" is a smooth avocado cream that's lukewarm, while the freeze dried raspberries are fun, ice cold bursts. The poached apple is blanketed by the avocado cream, cinnamon-y and soft. The bread "crumbs" aren't quite crumbs but like soft croutons toasted with rosemary. This dish is certainly worth a try if you like the flavours mentioned, but have it with an open mind!


Omg new fav! Thank goodness we had more people eating today, the perfect chance to try a new toast. I usually get the hummus and the nut butter cos they're irresistible, but this is now a strong contender that might just replace the hummus every once in a while. The egg salad is flavored in a mild curry-like spice mix, bound together with just enough creaminess and nicely offset by the pickled onion. What a yummy slice this was!


A must-order when we're here! They were totally slammed on the weekend, and understandably, they started to serve ready-made sandwiches instead of their hot-pressed ones which would take a while to prepare. We tried the pea hummus one with feta and rocket, perfect. Sorry I don't have a photo of that!! In other news, they now have a super nice barista (from Japan's Blue Bottle) banging out fantastic coffees!! Had a great flat white 👌🏻


Ugh, so good. A hearty slab of sourdough topped with very good house made almond butter and a drizzle of sweet honey with sea salt for balance. A perfect breakfast with their reliable Hand Brew ($5) to wash it down.


This tiny bakery is completely focused on heir sourdoughs, a mission that makes bread lovers like me very happy. It's hard to find young people this passionate about making good loaves, and I'm glad to have found them in Serene Centre. Here's a hot pressed sandwich which was filled with what is best described as stuffing (like Christmas stuffing), with the main flavours being sage and black pepper. While I enjoyed this savoury sandwich, I did wish there were some pops of sweetness in there for balance, kinda like how you'll take a spoonful of roasted pumpkin here n there on your holiday plate, instead of finishing all the stuffing at one go. The breads are lovely, a touch heavy, and with a tang that good sourdough should have. The coffee is excellent. I had the hand brew with Ethiopian beans, really nice with this easy breakfast.


What can I say, this might be one of the best burgers out there, especially at this price. Those buns were charred to perfection and were pillowy soft but never soggy. The 170g Australian beef patty was well seasoned and done medium well (their default done-ness unless you request otherwise). The bacon was straightforward - crispy and fatty just the way you want it to be - while the cheese never overpowered the beef and only served to complement. You may be tempted to order the Huber's Dry Aged Beef Burger instead, with its 200g patty and sundried tomato aoli, but you won't be as satisfied compared to eating this bacon & cheese combo. Will totally come back with my family again. It's a very kid friendly place full of families having weekend lunch. The greenery outside and the nice playground really sets the mood too. If you're willing to wait, sitting inside is a lot more comfortable.


Looks so simple and unassuming, but it is so satisfying. While the fries here are really nothing to shout about, you can't help but fall in love with the buttery brioche bun that's grilled nicely, and the slight punch of spice you get from the beautiful sausage. The pickles and caramelized onions were spot on, but I truly enjoyed this when dunked into mustard (they provide tubes for you to squeeze onto your plate). For the price, the sausage was of high quality (as you would expect of a butchery) and very filling too!


Would you believe, this dish has gotten even better since the last time I had did? Chock-full of crab meat and smothered in a sauce so divine, this is a must have at brunch. It is very rich, so please share between 2-3!


Loves dosai, biryani, cream puffs, “China food”, craft beers, natural wines and mee pok.

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