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Potato Waffle

RM24.00 · 19 Reviews

Definitely still prefer the Jalan Galloway outlet than the Bangsar due to the brighter and spacious area. Waffle was great as usual, love the generous serving of mushrooms on the waffle.


I’ve been to here few times & till this day, no disappointment! The baristas and servers there are all very friendly 😌. The food, no doubt it’s really good. Definitely try their potato waffle and avocado toasts 😋!!! The avocado is definitely my favourite. Not to forget their cakes and coffee!! A must try 😍.


This place serves good food, lovely old house in the busling city centre converted into a relaxing cafe, with some cats lying around.. why not spend a Sunday morning staring at your phone here?

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VCR is one of those rare places that does it all — great coffee, delicious food and good vibes. For travellers spending some time in the city or locals looking to nail weekend brunches with a friend, this chic black shophouse is your stop! Expect skilled baristas to churn out your late morning Flat White (RM11) and for brunch, try the Granola (RM18). It's a simple, healthy pairing of their housemade granola, seasonal fresh fruit, Greek yoghurt and an irresistible oolong peach-infused milk that sets it apart from the rest. For something more wholesome, order the top dish: Potato Waffle (RM25). The moreish russet potato-based waffle offers a toothsome bite, and features mushroom fricasse, tomato fondue and a perfectly wobbly 63-degree celsius egg. The rather filling waffle is recommended for sharing, so you can save space for dessert! The cafe's famous French Toast (RM19) comes with a potent no-churn espresso ice cream.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Junior How

Food in frame: Potato waffle (RM25) served with mushroom fricassee, 63 degrees eggs, tomato fondue and herbs salad. For mushroom lovers, you guys should try this cause their mushroom is very well-cooked and juicy, plus the eggs and tomatoes is well blend with the whole dish. For those who curious about the texture of waffle, it's actually not-to-soft kinda texture. I prefer this compare with crispy texture. As a savory waffle, i think this is quite good. Preferable to be share with friends. If you are lucky and see this in their fridge, try their Yuzu-Valrhona Chocolate Cheese (RM15). The yuzu flavour actually quite strong compare with other ingredient in it, and cheesecake kinda texture, not too sweet and soft, I'm actually love it so much tho. Guess everything with cheese ain't not bad to eat. ☺

Hands down my favourite cafe so far for food, coffee and to get work done.
You'll be hit by a aromatic whiff of coffee as you enter. My favourite area would be on the upper floor by the windows, plus the natural lighting is great for photos.
In picture: Potato Waffle (RM25) and Turkish Style Eggs (RM25).
Both really good and flavourful. Mind you, these two dishes is quite filling so it's best to share amongst 3 person if you're not a big eater.

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This stylishly black cafe along Jalan Galloway is no.1 on our 2016 Hot 100 list and for good reason. Opening their doors at 8.30am daily, VCR cooks up breakfasts that come close to the city's best. Come for this and bring your partner — you both deserve a treat for getting out of bed that early. The savoury Potato Waffle (RM25) is easy to love, with a bed of scrumptious sautéed mushrooms, 63-degree eggs, spinach and dill on a warm, chewy potato-based waffle. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, you must not miss out on trying the French Toast (RM19). This ingenious creation incorporates housemade espresso ice cream, raspberry compote, cookie crumble and mocha sauce on a soft, fluffy brioche. The combination comes together beautifully for a burst of flavours, textures and fluffy French toast dreams. The coffee here is potent, and worth ordering especially in the early-morning hours. With bellies filled, take your drink outdoors for fun in the sun with the cafe's many resident cats.
Avg price per person: RM40
Photo by Burppler Jinni Cheah

Potato waffle with saute mushroom, eggs and tomatoes.


Saving the best for last, the potato waffle was by far the best dish we had – the waffle; thick and chewy; sautéed mushrooms adding a burst of sweet savoriness alongside dill's bittersweet earthiness, a wobbly poached egg balancing atop – worth every penny.

This, we'll definitely have again. #GourmetAdventuresInKL

Right now, this is goal! Potato waffles with sautéed mushrooms and poached eggs 👌🏼