Huevos Rancheros

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Sunny side up eggs with red beans, guacamole, jalapeño sour cream, salsa picante, pepper Jack cheese, on a house made corn tortilla. Loved this!! So flavorful and everything works well together and separately! If I had one gripe, it'll be that I wish there were more tortilla!

Guacamole, Mexican beans, salsa picante and jalapeno sour cream are quintessential Mexican foods that work brilliantly together, combining into a creamy, cool yet spicy mess of umami deliciousness that's enriched with the breaking open of the sunny side up eggs. Such was the largesse on my plate that I didn't even realise a corn tortilla lay smothered beneath, ready to sop up the saucy co-mingling of ingredients above. It also makes sense to top up $4 for chorizo.

Taste: 3.5/5

Everyone is here for the pancakes and fried chicken & waffles, and rightfully so. I was leaning towards a more savoury craving however, and this gladly fulfilled my love for Mexican flavours. Some sort of a deconstructed taco, with a corn tortilla filled with beans and cheeeese below the sunny side up eggs, and salsa, guac and sour cream surrounding around. Mix and match them and the dish will become a disgusting mush that's super delish, so I don't recommend sharing this. Share the pancakes (super fluffy, and honestly impossible to finish solo) and waffles (one of the best I tried) instead!

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Not as great as the buttermilk chicken or pancakes. Serving is smaller. Not worth $24.

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Meet my new favourite savoury dish here. Its robust flavours are exactly the sort that draws me like a Kardashian is drawn to fame.
Lying underneath it all is a housemade flour tortilla. Then everything else jumps on board for the mega mouth party. Bodyslamming each other are the Siamese twins of sunny-side-up eggs, a vivacious guacamole, charmingly smooth jalapeño sour cream, don't-mess-with-me salsa picante, the mild but merry pepper jack cheese and saucy, slightly mushy red beans. I had to invite spicy Chorizo along because well, it's unthinkable for me to not meet some meat at this sort of orgiastic event! 😁
P.S. When I was settling my bill, I found out from the chef that the Huervos Rancheros is actually one of their bestsellers at the original Clinton St. Bakery Co. in New York. Honestly, based on that alone, I would have ordered this.

The robust flavours found in the Huervos Rancheros are the sort that draws me like a Kardashian is drawn to fame. 😆
So I wasn't too surprised to learn that it's actually one of the bestsellers at the original Clinton St. Bakery Co. in New York.
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