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Squid Ink Pasta

$12.90 ยท 4 Reviews

Creamy, rich, and lightly smokey, the al dente noodles are lightly tossed in this decadent squid ink sauce; then topped within bonito flakes and thick slices of fragrant garlic. I've loved squid ink anything since first tasting it 8 years or so ago, but it's not easy to find a great squid ink dish. This however surpassed my expectations. It was clean-tasting, simple, yet bursting with flavours. I especially love the slight Asian take on this traditionally European dish.

Awesome Creamy Squid Ink Pasta and grilled Scallops and Bonito Flakes and soft melt-in-your-mouth Pork Jowl to share. A fantastic dinner despite the scallops being a tad too small.


A new concept by Immanuel French Kitchen comes By The Fire opposite I12 at Joo Chiat. Who would've thought a coffeeshop stall would execute such levels of deliciousness?

Ribbons of al dente spaghetti are coated with a flavorfully rich and creamy squid ink sauce (that thankfully doesn't stain the teeth) and tossed together with chopped spring onions, bonito flakes and thick slices of crunchy garlic we couldn't get enough of. It's even served with two whole scallops. Delicious, substantial, and value-for-money!

This yummy mess had just a hint of uni in each bite, but was nonetheless full of umami and richness. At $12.90, don't expect hand-kneaded al-dente spagetti, humongous grilled scallops nor fresh uni; but without any GST or service tax, this was still very much a bargain, and thoroughly enjoyable! Exciting to think how this humble stall headed by the talent behind Immanuel French Kitchen might evolve from here. #foodgasm #hiddenfinds #burpple