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Soufflé Au Curry

$17.80 · 7 Reviews

So delicious. The soufflé rose to perfection and the rice underneath was super decadent. Filled with more cheese, some veg and sausages, overall I give this dish a 8/10. The portion could be a bit bigger, considering its ~18$ price tag.

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Japanese curry rice hidden underneath curry foam and a layer of egg soufflé! My friends didn't like it as much as I do; in fact I was the only one at the table who thought this dish was fine. They said the curry was too sweet but Japanese curry is supposed to be sweet what....?


Just my type of soufflé~

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Modern Yaki, aglio olio sautéed with cabbage, shimeiji mushrooms topped with a runny egg, was surprisingly light yet flavorful. Their soufflé au curry is an interesting take on the traditional baked rice, and while the cheese was fluffed to soufflé perfection, it was abit hard to stomach after awhile. Good for sharing but too much for a single serving. Their French toast topped with cream and maple syrup has got to be the best I've tried, a must eat here! Overall experience was good, generous portions at pocket friendly prices, which explains the snaking queues after 630pm.

We only had space for French Toast but it was quite nice. The Soufflé au Curry is just weird..... 🍞🍛 #MiamMiam #FrenchToast #FrenchJapaneseCuisine #SouffléAuCurry #dinner #latergram

Light and fragrant soufflé atop Japanese curry rice, which thankfully wasn't heavy nor spicy. I really liked this dish a lot, the creaminess and lightness of the egg went well with the mildly seasoned rice.