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Sweet Potato Latte

$4.80 · 54 Reviews

No fancy latte art but finally found something similar to what I've had in Korea 😍 milky, fragrant and look at the bits of sweet potato!!

Sweet potato latte, Yuzu cheesecake and ChocoMint island. It's gonna be a sweet sweet Sunday today, so there goes my diet!

Firstly, the pancakes are not pictured as i didn't wait and thankfully, it wasn't as presentable anyway. The earl grey cheesecake was quite disappointing for me, as i thought the earl grey was overwhelmed by the cream cheese a little too much. The base felt quite weird as well. But they gave quite a good sauce (butterscotch/caramel?) at the side. (2/5) The sweet potato latte was good even though i had a few sips, as they had pulp-ish things at the bottom. It was good, but it felt like hot milk with sweet potato syrup. (3/5) The pancakes were alright, but the amount of fruits they gave were quite sparse and the cream they gave was really awkward. Pancakes were fluffy, but the sides were not up to my satisfaction. (3/5)

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Very unique drink with bits of purple sweet potato in it.

Fell in love immediately 😍
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3 munchies: I have to admit that after reading so much about this specialty drink, I came expecting the sweet potato latte to blow me away with its unique flavours. Unfortunately, it was a tad too milky when I'd like to have enjoyed more of the pureed sweet potato. Do you have other recommendations for a great cup of sweet potato latte?


Unique sweet potato latte; not a hinge of caffeine but the lovely purple colour and latte art kind of made up for it.

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Curled flower stalk or carousel of hearts?