Kani Gratin

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The food is not bad. Tried the mentaiko origini but it’s quite ordinary. However, I especially LOVE the Kani Gratin and I would love to come back again to savour this dish again! I recommend everyone to definitely try this when you’re there. The cold udon were also not bad and I was pleasantly surprised by the texture of the udon. Also really friendly staff and cosy atmosphere. Love the interesting indoor decorations with sake bottles box on the wall!

Walked by this place and the storefront caught my eye, so my friend and I decided to try the food here and we weren't disappointed! I ordered a main (buta shogayaki don), kani gratin and an ongiri and they were delicious! Initially I thought the portion was too small but after consuming it and it was definitely filling for me. The kani gratin was by far my favourite dish as it was so flavourful and a great combination with the other dishes. The ongiri was a little dry but coupled with other dishes, it was pretty decent. We also ordered sake on the side and they even upgraded one of them to premium at no cost (thank you for the great service!)

Overall it was a little on the pricey side but I must say it was worth it :) Will definitely come by again if I have the chance to!

Staff was very friendly in guiding us to our seats & taking our orders and even gave us recommendations on what to try! I liked the Kani Gratin (that was recommended by the staff) the most as the mentaiko on it was flavourful. I had my meal with the sweet Sake of the week & it complimented the food well. Overall, a very pleasant experience!

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Had dinner with a friend there. Love the cosy ambience. The staff are attentive and helpful.

Ordered the Buta Shogayaki Don ($10) and Kani Gratin ($8). Wait times were around 8-10 minutes.

The Buta Shogayaki Don was great. Tender pork slices stir-fried in ginger juice paired with rice. Very fragrant and cooked just nice. For the fussier eaters, there're no ginger slices. Only gripe was the portion was kinda small for a dinner to me but otherwise would be perfect if you are looking for food to pair with your alcohol.

The Kani Gratin was served in a crab shell. Nice touch. Gratin was rich, creamy and not mushy. Really well prepared. I'd recommend this one.

At first walking to find the little restaurant was quite complicated, but the experience of my dinner there was simply splendid! The interior decor gives you the impression to anybody who walks in there, the feeling that you've stepped into Japan's little hub of delicacies, you can see that the owners had placed a lot of planning in the furnishing and details!

I personally wanted to taste the specialties, the wasabi octopus was such an unique experience>< Highlight of the evening for me was the Kani Gratin, and the sweet sake that i stole off my partner (I don't drink much, but I had to taste for the completeness). Would highly recommend the savoury eggplant skewers! Did miss out on the pork Jowl, but I look forward to coming back again to try it out!

Cool place to bring and impress your colleagues and friends, chill and affordable place for beer and ultimately a good time guaranteed.

P.S. Do reserve in advance as the place gets filled up really quickly^^ even during weekdays dinner crowd.

Worth a try because it’s not a dish that’s commonly offered but give it a miss if you have a limited Budget. While anything with mentaiko tastes pretty good because of the umami it boasts, everything else about this dish was mediocre. The crab that was used seemed to be of Fairprice crab sticks and the dish seemed to be completed by rice cakes or mashed up pieces of that of some sort.

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Convenient location and the food was really good. I liked the ambience with the warm lighting and I especially liked the Kani Gratin dish. It left me wanting to come back for more! The food can be a little pricey though.

A wonderful experience at Shukuu. Great ambience and food. Sake is definitely worth a try and I would recommend the premium sake as it is light and mellow and has a pleasant taste. If you can’t make up your mind, you can opt for the sake sampler, which comes in 3 different sake choices (sweet,dry and premium).

The pork jowl charshu was amazing and it comes with an onsen egg which you can dip the meat in. If you are a mentai lover, do try the Kani gratin as it comes with generous portion of mentai with gratin, macaroni and cream.

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Having worked around the Telok Ayer/Tanjong Pagar area for quite a while, I've always noticed crowds around ShuKuu Izakaya but never had the chance to dine there until yesterday. Upon entering the restaurant-bar, we were greeted by friendly service staff and a cosy ambience. I loved the decor and ambience of ShuKuu, finding it to be a great place for after-work drinks and chill sessions with friends and colleagues.

We ordered several dishes but the ones which really stood out to us were:

1) Gyu Tan - Not usually a fan of eating weird animal parts (read: innards), but this beef tongue was extremely delicious. Chewy, well-seasoned and paired well with the lemon, chilli spice and sea salt. Really surprising dish!

2) Mentai Salmon Sushi - AMAZING. I love mentaiko sauce and this was an amazing piece of sushi. Dipped in some wasabi and soy sauce, can't go wrong with this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

3) Yakitori (5pc) - This set dish came with 5 types of yakitori (skewers?) and I especially loved the bacon-wrapped asparagus. Half-expecting it to be crunchy and tough, it was melt-in-your-mouth tender and really delicious. The chicken thigh and meatball skewers were also delicious with the teriyaki sauce coating.

Other recommended dishes would be the Potato Sarada, a flavour-packed ball of potato salad, and the Kani Gratin, crab meat gratin with mentaiko sauce in a crab shell (awesome presentation!).

Overall, a great dining experience over here at ShuKuu. The boss was extremely friendly and hospitable, and it was a very cosy environment to just relax and have a great meal. Would definitely come again next time now that I know about it!

Visited Shukuu Izakaya the other day with a friend. It's a great place to chill and unwind after work. It's in the cbd area, just right next to tanjong pagar mrt and they have great food and amazing sake. The two highlights of my meal were the kani gratin and the slow cooked iberico pork jowl. The kani gratin was smoothed and extremely flavourful. It even comes with a layer of mentaiko on top. The slow cooked iberico pork jowl had an incredible texture and was chewy and tender. But what really blew me away was their sake. Their premium sake was smooth and mildly sweet. It was the first time i tried sake and it really gave me a good impression