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SEY Soft Shell Crab & Cake Slider

$12.00 Β· 17 Reviews

I was sold once I sank my teeth into this Soft Shell Crab Slider with SALTED EGG YOLK CHEESE SAUCE. If it sounds good to you, it tastes even better. I didn't wanna share so had to order second serving all to myself!! πŸ˜‚ Overall, the best Sliders I've had in history with an affordable price of $14 NETT. πŸ‘ŠπŸ» Yes, I'm gonna come back again soon this year. I don't care, I MUST. #8DaysLeft #SaltedEggYolk #Burpple


Mantou with fried softshell crab and a ball of crab meat mixed with carrots at the top, drizzled with salted egg yolk sauce which tasted more like a combination of barbeque and cheese sauce.


Soft shell crab was nicely fried. Pasta was nice but couldnt taste the sambal. $19.

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Soft shell crab was nicely fried! One of the best i have had lately. The sauce was jus nice, not too strong. Nice!

Such an unlikely spot for dinner, but we enjoyed the food! The SEY (salted egg yolk) soft shell crab mantou sliders was a party of flavours in our mouths, and those truffle fries with truffle mayo dip were really good! #burpple #foodporn #foodspotting


SEY (Salted Egg Yolk ) Soft Shell Crab Slider ($14)

This is quite the bombπŸ’£! You get 2 large pieces of super crispy soft shell crab wedged between toasted Mantous and enough salted egg yolk sauce to make sure you keep your fingers coated in it for that finger lickin good sensation! I onlt wished that the mantous were steamed soft the traditional way to soak up more sauce!

@leparksg is a great place to chill after work with live music🎀, craft beers 🍻and good foodπŸ‘πŸΌ!


whoever said breakfast had to be in the morning? and salted egg for brunch will never go wrong, what more salted egg soft shell crab and the otah stuffed wings πŸ˜‹ everything was just on point to start the day right πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Reppin' us Asians in the burger department is this fusion slider that comes with fluffy steamed pau buns and a crispy chunk of soft shell crab, and drizzled with an addictive salted egg yolk sauce with a nice hint of spice. Great on its own and even better when washed down with a pint or two.

Really love the chicken rice sushi concept, it was a really interesting taste and also the soft shell crab slider. Overall 8/10

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Another signature dish at Lepark. The Sey sauce on top on the soft shell crab is absolutely 😍😍😍!!!
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