Watering holes to celebrate Fridays
Kelly Wong
Kelly Wong

The menu at Little Bastard is succinct, with a list of just 10 dishes to choose from. Dishes are interesting though, with an Asian fusion element in each, and one of our favourites was the Kaeng Phet Mu ($24). Bouncy, tender 14hr sous vide Iberico pork collar with a Thai red curry thick gravy on the side. The flavours of the curry were on point, and were deliciously robust. We proceeded to mop the plate clean with bread even after we'd gobbled up the meat.

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A dish with potential that unfortunately did not quite live up to it. Roasted bone marrow, caramelized Kung Pao jus and roasted nuts. The key question was, where was the marrow?? Perhaps it was my first time and I wasn't sure what to expect, but we pretty much felt like we were just scraping bone, with a teeny bit gelatinous substance that was nary sufficient to spread over one slice of the accompanying grilled country bread.

The nondescript entrance that seemed to almost magically appear only when we doubled back along the row of shops a second time lured us into its dark interior. Decked out with lush foliage within and a tastefully eclectic collection of furniture, we were off to a good start. Most of us ended up choosing the Oriental Bolognese ($20) which seemed to be one of the top items on the menu. It was a tasty combination of angel hair pasta and pork ragout, seasoned with Sakura ebi and topped with a wobbly onsen tamago to mix in. Unfortunately, the wilted kale which had an awfully plastic-y artificial taste spoilt the otherwise harmonious blend of flavours and left an unpleasant taste in our mouths. #burpple

Love it when the lobster is served ready-to-eat this way, especially when they are juicy, plump chunks like these! Served on a bed of risotto that had a balanced creaminess to it while retaining some bite, and topped with dill for a refreshing breath. Wash it down with a glass of Cavalier de Mediterranee Sauvignon Blanc 👌🏼 c'est manifique! #burpple

Wickedly decadent with an amazing texture, I relished every bite of the liver paired with the tender beef. Crunchy asparagus stalks on the side helped to cut through the meat, and we enjoyed the creamy mashed potatoes too. Paired this with a Cavalier de la Mediterranée Merlot for maximum enjoyment 🍷 #burpple #steak

Almost forgot how good this stuff is 😋🍻 #burpple #foodporn #foodstamping #komex


🙌🏼 welcoming the upcoming weekend with affordable, scrumptious skewers at this hole-in-the-wall watering hole. Sapporo beer goes for $26 for a jug, and pairs perfectly with the sticks. There are so many delicious ones that it's difficult to list them all, but top picks are the teriyaki chicken, midjoints, handmade meatballs, bacon-wrapped-everything (enoki/quails eggs/cherry tomatoes), shiitake and the amazing eggplant with a kickass sambal sauce. Prices start from $1.30/stick and you can easily go overboard 😆 thanks @scottilenko for the recommendation! #burpple #tgif #yakitori


Such an unlikely spot for dinner, but we enjoyed the food! The SEY (salted egg yolk) soft shell crab mantou sliders was a party of flavours in our mouths, and those truffle fries with truffle mayo dip were really good! #burpple #foodporn #foodspotting


Spoilt for choice at the newly opened Pasarbella in town, but Grilllo is definitely one of those you should try! The distinct aroma of truffle and tender beef slices were absolutely irresistible. Though the portion appeared tiny (nothing like what the photos make it seem), it was surprisingly sufficient. Oh, and did I mention that lovely onsen egg in the middle? 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Said I would be back, and I did! This Yucha Sojurita has to be one of the most amazing drinks I've had - purely the excitement of gushing down the cocktail while the beer is poured in to prevent it from overflowing is amazing enough. And that flavour...all my favorites in a drink! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Tried out KPO's new ladies night menu - $88 net for a pretty two-tiered set, 6 Strongbow ciders (my favorites are the honey & elderflower) and Strongbow jelly shots. An alcoholic twist on your ubiquitous high tea, and those dainty bites are perfect for a fuss free treat 🌟🌟🌟🌟


Bite-sized *burps* on the go. More foodporn on the blog ;) IG: xuannykelly

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