Kyoto Glazed Duck Don

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Glazed duck don ($14.90)with onsen egg for dinner. Been wanting to try this place but it is always crowded during dinner time. Finally tried this popular item on their menu. It was alright, would not order it again.


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Do expect that there's long queue as it only opens at certain timing. Food preparation was fast. The glazed duck and the onsen egg matches so well and it was so delicious. The sliced duck was thick and very tenderly juicy. Will go back for more!

Not sushi rice. You got the glazed duck over the seasoned normal rice. You got that onsen egg broken into half with oozing yolk flowing into the glazed duck meat and then to the rice. And then you put it into your mouth, and then you will go like oooooh
🚇 Marymount (Exit A bus stop)
🚌 410 (stop at before Thomson Plaza)
🍣 Thomson Plaza, #01-113F
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Glazed duck onsen egg ($14.9) sure to set you drooling ! Cut open the egg, mix it around and viola! Yummy and simple combination 👍👍!

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this time we are at @sushirosingapore featuring glazed duck with onsen egg, chirashi salad and kaisendon !


Apart from the highly raved bara chirashi don, Sushiro serves up several other sashimi dons and rice bowls. The rice bowls are filled with normal rice instead of sushi rice. This Glazed Duck with Onsen Egg is one of them! The slices of glazed duck were tender, smokey and tasty. Breaking into the onsen egg had the yolk flow all over the bed of warm rice. This had my friend licking the bowl clean!