Green Tea Bingsu

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This green tea bingsu is not to sweet, thats why i like it as a dessert; not overly sweet but still refreshing after my dinner. The ice cream is delicious, nothing over the top but just a good scoop of matcha ice cream. One word for it, REFRESHING!

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Green Tea & Chestnut Bingsu @ Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe๐Ÿง

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Not too sweet! On the dry side; would pair well with a nice cold drink. Like their green tea lattes! ๐Ÿค—

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Toast was a tad dry and the ice cream was already partially melted. Wish there was more sauce and butter on the bread!

My friend brought me to my first bingsu experience and I must say it was quite a treat. We ordered the green tea and choco-banana snow flake priced at $13.90 each. Both of us preferred the latter because we are both matcha lovers and found the former lacking in flavor. The reason for this title has nothing to do with negativity. We were told that you would get full having a bingsu all by yourself and we were proven right. I mean how can a bowl of dessert make you feel like you've had a full course meal? Well a bingsu did, so it's best to share one amongst two person if you don't have a huge appetite. We ended up having this for dinner, if we shared one after a meal I totally wouldn't mind stuffing my face in it. Definitely heading back to try other flavours. Behold, don't get fooled by this seemingly harmless dessert, it's strangely addictive!

This is the Green Tea snow flake bingsu ($13.90). i strongly recommend this than the choco banana as you won't eat until halfway and feel sick of it. It still taste refreshing even after a full meal.

This is the Choco Banana Snow Flake Bingsu ($13.90), my friend worked there and recommends Green tea/ Injeolmi flavour.


lost my bingsu virginity today thanks to my teammates ๐Ÿ˜› we tried the Green Tea [$13.90], Cheese [$15.90], & Sweet Potato [$14.90]. i must say i wasn't disappointed! even though the flavours sound weird, it was pretty good. also, condensed milk makes everything nicer ๐Ÿ˜ i can't compare this to any other bingsu place because this was my first time. looking forward to visiting more bingsu places in the future!

Love the green tea bingsu the most amongst all that i have tried. At $12.90 i think it is one of the more reasonable priced bingsu and I don't like the injeolmi bingsu as i am not a fan of rice cakes ๐Ÿ˜…

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