Grilled Stingray

RM25.00 · 3 Reviews

Ingredients : Radish, Bean sprouts, eggs, spring onion.
Review : The texture of the fried radish has a slight crisp ,along with the fresh bean sprouts and spring onion.
Rate : 9/10
Price : RM8
They're also famous for grilled fish, satay ,fried oyster, etc.


Smack in the middle of Jalan Alor is well-lit Meng Kee, flanked by numerous hawkers for all sorts of local eats. Come with a few supper-loving friends and sink your chopsticks into their best bet — delicious grilled fish. The dependable servers will recommend you work through the Grilled Stingray's (from RM25) charred skin to reveal a moist, tender centre. Otherwise, the Grilled Chicken Fish (from RM25) is also sure to satisfy with its crispy skin and succulent chicken-like flesh. Fret not if fish is not your thing, there's bound to be something for you in that seemingly unending list of dishes. Bak Kut Teh, Hokkien Mee, Frog Porridge — you name it! Pro tip: You can place your order with any of the waiters regardless of differing hawkers.
Avg Price: RM20
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh

Often deemed as inferior in the seafood class, Ming Kee’s grilled stingray (RM25) was surprisingly not too shabby! The sambal, however, was tolerable but not quite the pungent, spicy flavour I would have preferred. Going back to the fish, it was well-grilled with crisp, seared skin, and slightly stringy but moist flesh. Easy on the palate.