Cheese Chicken Galbi

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It's a good size platter to share with a few friends.
Or for two, if you're really hungry. πŸ˜‰
Kinda different from the usual Korean BBQ you normally see, and service is pretty good too.
If you have a cheese craving, it completely satisfies.

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Still as good as before. Do save some cheese for the kimchi fried rice for the later part πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Damm shiok!!

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You might want to consider this big portion of Cheese Chicken Bulgogi with Ramyeon Noodles (additional). It was literally the centre of attention of everyone at the table πŸ˜‹ Everything was perfect except the taste of the white tteokbokki, which for me tasted like a rubber πŸ˜•
πŸ’²: 55.90++ (without ramyeon)

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Food was served piping hot, melted cheese was chewy, sticky noodles was really good as the spiciness was just nice. The chicken Galbi was delicious mixing with other ingredients together. Overalls, it was quite a enjoyable experience at yoogane.


Featuring Cheese Chicken Galbi | $49.90 and Sticky Noodles | $3.90 - centre filled with chicken and vegetables marinated with Yoogane's unique spicy sauce + sticky noodles (chewy potato noodles), not forgetting the outer tier with melted cheese! Hmm...couldn't get enough of it! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

if red pepper paste is too much to handle, dunk into river of melted cheese for immediate relief. pricey for that price though. strawberry sauce for cabbage at the free-flow salad bar is just weeirrddd


Thank you for everything😘😘. Nothing can break us, nothing can come between us.
So we went to the west last night, late dinner [Cheese Chicken Galbi S$49.90] - serves 2-3 pax, a bigger portion of 3-4 pax is also available. The [Sticky Noodles S$3.90] is an additional side we ordered, to be fried together with the chicken Galbi, it looks like spaghetti but the chewy kind. (Early morning type compo😝) have a good day y'all, it's finally Thursday, I can't wait to have a good rest after all these draining stuffs daily.

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