Feeka Big Breakfast

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This cafe along Jalan Mesui is a local neighbourhood coffee joint with its quaint decor and relaxing demeanour. Tucked amongst a bustling street, this cafe is perfect for an afternoon coffee or reading a good book. The IKEA RANARP pendant lamps really complete that Nordic feel creating the perfect ambiance.
Standout's at this cafe include their selection of Espresso and Special Brews, along with their Feeka Big Breakfast and their cold Oats Porridge Galore.
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πŸ’« 5 / 5
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Price: ~RM23.00
Taste: 7/10
Environment: 9.5/10
Service: 5/10
Sunny side up egg, sausages, rosemary potatoes, mushrooms, beef bacon and toasted bread. Potatoes slightly hard. .
Story time! (Sorry for the long essay, but worth reading, promise πŸ˜‰)
First time being told (not softly spoken / whisper), while standing at a distance, that "Water is self service", when asked for a glass of water. Wasn't any glasses left when I ordered, so didn't managed to get a glass of water initially when I ordered my food. Sat at the furthest end of the cafe, with my laptop bag out in the open, had to walk very fast into the cafe just to get a glass of water. But! When I was ready to get a cup for water, the staff (same fella) asked another customer behind me, "Sir what do you need?", "Water? Ok.", then went and grabbed 2 cups for the very special customer, so I was invisible that day. Then, with a table of 3 x 3 hand spans, had to fit my empty plate, coffee cup, glass of water, my laptop and my mouse for bout 30 minutes only then my plate and cup was cleared (same staff). It seemed like a disadvantage to sit such distance away from the cafe. Apparently, the staff (again, same fella), to be fair, was busy, but was able to chit chat and laugh with colleague near the kitchen. Already had a bad start because of the illegal collection for parking along the roadside of the cafe, and then this. Anyways, just sharing my experience. What do you think? πŸ™Š

The ambience was nice and good! The was okay, but the sausage taste amazing. Not sure if its home made or from the packet, but it looks home made ☺️ the cakes taste amazing! Esp the almond salted creeps!

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Feeka is definitely my fav. breakfast spot. Their breakfast menu is absolutely delicious! Love their Big Breakfast. & oh, we ordered a mille crepe cake for dessert. This one is Salted Almond Caramel crepe cake & it's TASTY beyond words πŸ˜›


// Latte β€’ Flatwhite β€’ Big Breakfast β€’ Moroccan Chicken

Very cozy area. Love their decor. LOVE THEIR FOOD!

This cafe is going to the top of my list. Sadly it's all the way in kl and I can't visit it so often. Why do you have to be so far? 😭

Had Feeka's big breakfast. Switched to rye toast and scrambled eggs instead of brioche and sunny side up. I love the chicken sausage. It's so flavourful! The sautΓ©ed potatoes and mushrooms is delicious. Love the seasoning. Bacon (beef I presume) is my too salty and fat. Not too hard as well. Although no baked beans, this breakfast set has done justice to breakfast lovers.
Tried their new arrival; the Mille crepe cake series. I had the Almond Salted Caramel one. Not to sweet! Which I like. I'm not sure where they got it from but it's better than the overly sweet ones at Food Foundry.
Had a cappuccino and requested for a swan. Finally had the guts to make requests. Thank you to the lovely barista Rachel! Sadly they didn't have soy milk that day nor do they provide low fat milk.
Coffee post later because I had their Aeropress too! It's simply amazing.
I wanted to try the yogurt parfait as well but they too didn't have them that day. And I was too early to order from their lunch menu which starts at 12pm. πŸ˜…

Food: 8/10 Price: 7/10 (RM 20 for big breakfast. RM 13 for Mille crepe cake. RM 10 for Capp. They have common cafe prices. Not really overpriced for some)