Nagashi Somen Setto

RM27.90 · 2 Reviews

I honestly caught my eyes on the way they Serve their cold soba, and it's very refreshing to eat them, cannot get over it ! It's not only fun and the freshness of everything mix so well together😋 . Highly recommended for those who craves for a good cold soba !

Gather fellow Jap food lovers and have a feast at Tsubohachi Izakaya with its array of popular dishes from Japan (particularly Hokkaido). Go crazy with the starters and order the Chicken Skin Skewers (RM7.80) and Deep-Fried River Shrimp (RM14.90) for a crunchy start, plus the Ramen Sarada (RM16.90), a cold ramen salad to get your appetite going. Do not miss out on their Poteto Mentaiko Yaki (RM13.90), a potato hot plate seasoned with the best things in life (think cod roe, mayonnaise and cheese)! If you’re a Japanese living in Malaysia or if your little ones are tagging along for a meal here, then the Nagashi Somen Setto (RM27.90) would be THE item for you to order. This fishing ‘game’ for children in Japan (to practice using chopsticks) will double up as a refreshing, cooling dish for the family on hot summer days.