Lunch Omakase

RM98.00 · 2 Reviews

Why argue over what to order when you can leave your meal in the hands of a knowledgeable chef? Put your money where it's worth for a stress-free dinner date! However, be warned that this is one to save up for — dinner begins at RM220 and breaches RM450 for the 10-course degustation menu. With this style of dining, innovative surprises make the meal and Yokohama-born executive chef Fukuchi excels in the department. Exotic ingredients like foie gras, Spanish mackerel and fresh cuts of sashimi come together to take you on a gastronomic journey through modern Japan, with a sweet finale — think jelly, mochi and ice cream. Pro tip: Although located in the Gardens mall, it is easier to access the hidden restaurant through the entrance of The Gardens Hotel next door.
Avg Price: RM250
Photo by Burppler Amayzing


Great experience at the omakase restaurant with its fresh ingredients taking us on a culinary ride through the rich culture of Japan. The ambience is great and the service, excellent. Check out