RM27.90 ยท 2 Reviews

A bit like a spicy ramen where they put spicy miso into their original flavour broth.
We are given 3 suggested combinations of sides to go with this ramen. You can go with plain if you want! Just soup and noodles. But this one is with salted soft boiled egg.
I really love Ippudo's soft boiled eggs. The yolk is just perfectly runny. No complains!
Don't worry! This is not spicy at all. Just very flavourful. I like it much better than the dip style ramen. The spicy miso just makes everything come together and more appetising!
Plus there's more pork slices and soup!
Food: 7/10 Price: 6/10 (RM 30 - ippudo is a very posh place for ramen. All of their dishes ranges around this price. So they are rather expensive. But value for money? Take soup ramen. Not dip ramen)